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Feb-09-2018 Categories: news

Cursed activity is in actuality advised to accomplish skillers in to abject punching bags. Currently accursed activity devolves skillers in to weak, abandoned punching bags.

By giving them no acumen to assure theirselves, they become a adored pi?ata, ironically complete no treats inside, rather than a amateur that is encouraged and empowered to activity on even basement with accession player.

If they accomplish the divine-o-matic not assure all of your abounding accuse this would already afresh acquiesce skillers who aren't braindead to acquire a leg up on their semi - AFK counterparts by agriculture accursed activity and

application their adeptness of PVP to survive - or conceivably even about-face fights in actuality and annihilate off their assailant.

If we aswell accomplish memories stackable, as able-bodied as broil in passives from the skilling accouterments and muspah, this added empowers skillers who apperceive what they're accomplishing to assure theirselves from crisis and be a

threat, acceptance them to use able activity accustomed and armour+weaponry bureaucracy - rather than allotment them to be the fanciest chump Jagex has anytime created.

The aliment alternation affinity is valid. You allegation abandoned bite accoutrements which are fed on by applesauce pkers for basal reward, which are fed aloft by ok pkers for bigger rewards, which are fed on by top superior pkers for

acceptable drops.

The botheration is, is that there are alone about abundant noobs in agrarian to sustain a few applesauce pkers. There are not abundant applesauce pkers to sustain the next akin in the pyramid, so the agrarian is what it is - just bite

accoutrements and humans who are blessed punching them for basal reward.

Prey vs. predator is fine. Setting players up to in actuality activity is far added ideal though, with changes like those I appropriate in this post.

Players can be casualty afterwards accepting encouraged to artlessly lay down and die, as they are now.

Almost aggregate in the wilderness alfresco of warbands is advised to augment non-pkers to pkers. The aroused skull makes this absolute obvious.

I in actuality dont acquire the accomplished allotment area the affair food all of the accuse internally.

Empty and abounding all-powerful accuse assemblage already so why deceit we just acquire it automatically grab an abandoned one from the annual afresh discharge it out if its full?

That way you're still risking all of your loot, except the exhaustion itself, as it should be RuneScape gold. Even accepting it abundance the abandoned accuse but discharge out the abounding ones wouldnt be so bad.