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May-13-2019 Categories: news

I anticipation I would account out all the abilities that acquire a 1m+/hr (or abutting to) xp bulk as they all charge to be avant-garde too.

# Combats - I would account all the accessible creatures that you can get 1m xp/hr, but I would run out of acceptable characters in this post, it caps out about 2-2.2m xp/hr at burst worlds tryharding.

# Prayer - Scatterbury with Dragon Bones/Infernal Ashes is about 1.2-1.3m xp/hr.

# Herblore - Overloads.

# Smithing - I haven't done abundant training as I was 200m column rework, but i acquire ancient 5 to burying is over 1m xp/hr.

# Thieving - Safecracking/Dwarf Traders are both abreast or over 1m xp/hr.

# Cooking - 3 exhausted sailfish is about 950k xp/hr (Oh accessory added exhausted manipulation).

# Crafting - Cutting Dstones is hardly over 1m xp/hr.

# Firemaking - Angle can, able-bodied over 1m xp/hr (can get up to 2m xp/hr), and even on the poor ancillary coiled roots get about 900k xp/hr.

# Fletching - Broads are 900k xp/hr and added big-ticket methods can be done to get aloft 1m xp/hr.

# Apache - Absent Grove Creatures and Gemstone Dragons both hit able-bodied over 1m xp/hr and with the 120 apache advantage you can about alone do them.

# Farming - POF is about 4m xp/hr in agreement of time spent there, crazily low accomplishment for what you get.

# Construction - Mahogany prawnbrokers get able-bodied aloft 1m xp/hr (even off dxp weekend).

# Hunter - Aforementioned.

# Summoning - 20m xp/hr anyone (~12m xp/hr off dxp).

# Dung - Dung Dailes are finer 3m xp/hr and EDs are "free" dung xp/tokens.

That's 20 of the 27 abilities with animate reasonable training methods that are abutting to 1m xp/hr, while 2 others (Agility and Invention) are about complete xp/hr.

That leaves alone RC, Div, Mining, Fishing and WC as the alone abilities that do not charge to be modernized.