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Feb-07-2018 Categories: news

There is at the moment of autograph this column a wildy pvp abatement poll on this sub. There's a brace hundred votes and the after-effects are absolute polarizing. Acerb accede and acerb disagree to abolish wildy pvp are about according in vote count. I myself voted disagree, RuneScape gold with the acumen that wildy affliction to be an acutely abandoned and alarming region, top accident and top reward.

But afresh I recalled in the belief how the wildy acclimated to be the a lot of admirable and peaceful arena in runescape, afore zamorak fucked it up with the rock of jas.

Going one way or addition with the wildy would be a huge change, and aback the association is breach 50/50 on removing wildy pvp, something has to give. What if we had a massive apple accident to adjudge the fate of the wilderness?

On one ancillary could be Zamorak, angry to advance his access over the region. Siding with him would be angry to accumulate the wildy in actuality how it is. Players angry for Zamorak will accept the aid of his Demons and the God himself.

On the added ancillary could be the Godless, bodies who ambition to restore the arena which was damaged by the God Wars and ultimately destroyed by Zamorak. Angry with the Godless would be a activity to accomplish the wildy what it originally was: serene, peaceful, and the a lot of admirable arena in Runescape.

One abstraction I had if the Godless win would be to accomplish it a skiller paradise. The wildy would still accept levels, but the wildy college levels would be a denser, lusher mural that requires abundant college skilling levels to bisect and alternation in, as able-bodied as abundant added accelerated skilling, all of advance for bigger skilling rewards. Players angry for the Godless will abandoned accept themselves and potentially some iconic NPCs to await on, as no God cares to accord them an advantage in their fight.

The acumen I accept the Godless would be the adapted opposing bandage is because they are a lot of in bandage with Guthix, who disproved of Gods meddling with the world. Afterwards all it was Guthix who awoke and abandoned the Gods if Zamorak hit the baleful draft to the arena accepted as Wildy. It just doesn't accept fit for any God to activity to restore the Wildnerness, if none of them except Guthix gave a bits about it in the aboriginal place.

An ballsy apple accident like this would accept massive accord with absolute actual after-effects that will affect the approaching of rs, and not just storyline wise. It could even be an ballsy way for bodies to bandage calm and annihilate Zamorak himself, should the Godless win.

I feel artlessly authoritative deaths plan abnormally in PvP would animate bodies to go into the wilderness with their best accessory so they can activity at abounding backbone afterwards accepting to anguish about risking their banks, or pkers aggravating to fungus them out of them with skulltricks.

On afterlife in PvP, you bead say, 50% of your accost costs in coins, and accept to pay the abounding amount at death, not accepting accustomed to go aback to your grave or cede items so bodies can accompany their gear, afterwards accepting to anguish about accident their items, additional this would serve as a huge goldsink. For assertive items however, they would bead as per usual; aliment potions and specific assets to the wilderness (cursed activity and ashes for example). If skulled, you'd bead all of your caught wealths amount in the 50% reclaim.

Bounty Hunter (ew) and approved PKing servers would absorb the accepted cachet of items accepting abandoned on death. About this can could cause issues with acclimation agreeable in the wilderness; a lot of conspicuously

Warbands and Catchbasin armour in PvP authoritative you about unkillable. I could accomplish a abounding column about the abstraction I just came up with with if bodies are interested.