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I like if they said with all the auto hotkey accepting that 'you deceit use any third affair programs at all to play runescape'...Uh, Windows is third affair to Jagex.

'Oops.. you can't use any programs not congenital into your OS to change how you play RS.'

You can address a affairs in ubuntu and bury it in your OS to do anything. Is that allowed?


That aphorism is accurately for Windows users: if they beggarly "built into the OS" they about beggarly "anything allotment of a accepted Windows installation". That agency things like MouseKeys is fine, because a lot of if not all Windows users accept it. It aswell accounts for the Windows OS itself.

With Linux they can't in actuality use that rule, because Linux isn't a closed-source proprietory OS like Windows. Sure, you accept your mainline distros (like Ubuntu), but the majority of Linux installations in the apple are in actuality angled variations, adapted to plan with assorted hardware, or geared about altered activities.

For archetype you may acquisition a amount of "gaming" distros out there which are bigger optimized arise power-gamers, that may able-bodied cover macroing accoutrement or even utilities such as Cheat Engine, alongside "power" drivers which may accept avant-garde appearance which could (in assertive circumstances) be acclimated to accord you an advantage in a game, such as afflicted wireframe approach etc. These affectionate of things are acutely not adequate to use in RuneScape.

Even if we just absolute the aphorism to "Windows only", every area of accouterments you accept central your computer, or acquainted in, relies on a driver. Those drivers usually accommodate two parts: a bifold DLL book fabricated absolutely by the third-party who fabricated your device, and a text-based INF book which "plugs" the DLL book into the OS.

If we're accepting abstruse about it, the DLL book is basically a affairs fabricated by a third-party, and sometimes not alien with Windows. Anniversary time you do a disciplinarian update, the new disciplinarian is downloaded from the third-party website and replaces the absolute driver.

So you could say that the aphorism can't just beset Microsoft and Windows, but official drivers by the aboriginal accessory manufacturers too.

Except that still assumes that your accessory is a acclaimed brand. Jagex acutely don't apprehend a driver-update from AMD, Logitech or Samsung to be a problem. Yet they still can't achieve advancing exemptions to these absolutely on the area that the software is appropriate for the accessory to work: that would aswell acquiesce humans to go on Ebay and buy their peripherals from "cheatdevices" (made-up example);the official drivers for those could calmly cover macro-recording appearance as accepted alongside any amount of added things.

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