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​RuneScape - Telos Admonition for Noob

news Jul-23-2019

​RuneScape - Telos Admonition for Noob

I accept aught bossing skills, I cannot time things well, I cannot actuate specific abilities in a specific adjustment at the appropriate time, and I cannot do absorber or weapon switches all the while consistently ecology the action and the rotations (also can't apprentice rotations lol).

I'm on my way to commutual MQC and Trim, but killing Telos at 100% seems like something I can't do. I got a 0% annihilate for Comp afore they removed Reaper, but that was because I had a yak and bashed his mechanics and I acclimated Activity refreshes during the action (something no best available). Accomplishing things like surging to abstain the affray hit, or application carelessness appropriate afore this artisan to run away, my academician artlessly cannot handle it all.

My catechism is can I catchbasin his mechanics P1-5 even at 100%? Accessory is Virtus or SuperiorSeasinger, Cyrwir wand, Ancient Lantern, claret spells, absorption claret essence, accurateness aura, overloads, cinderbanes, lotd, and a astringent abridgement in anything bossing requires.

Also, any admonition to accomplish the action simpler would be accepted like "P5 just angle in the blooming axle and annihilate the minions afresh abiding the insta annihilate afresh dps until done." Its at the point area I will pay an irl bossing acquaintance accepted cash to annihilate him on my annual for me because he is the abandoned authentic obstacle amid me and Trim now.

BRING DREADNIPS WITH YOU Aback youre clueless about mechanics it will advice you yield abundant beneath damage.

Have you credible thersguy's day of absolution video? His strategies from day one seems like appropriate way to do it for anyone clueless.

Resing the geilenor accord me backbone ( uppercut) And application carelessness if he stuns you and says authority still so you dont get stomped on should be added than abundant to get you through to p5 with some aliment in your your yak.

Blindly alive defensives ability be acceptable too for archetype application adherence and attenuate whenever you feel like it.

P5 to accomplish it abominably simple, go to blooming axle and delay for the minions to accumulation up abreast you, tsunami them and dbreath if you absent any with your tsunami. Afresh get your adren aback to 100 and sunshine and dps.

Once the axle swaps fuck your sunshine get into the blooming axle asap eat to abounding and onslaught to buy OSRS gold. If any rocks hit you dont anguish they wont hit over 5k so just accomplish to the onslaught. You can redeploy dreadnips in your aggression afterwards cancelling it.

Deploying dreadnips consistently p5 is the best way to do it.