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Mar-07-2019 Categories: news

Currently Jagex has able absolution the T92 adeptness amour, me and my clanmates were talking about what they possibly could do with T92 Tank armour & actuality is the idea.

Elite Achto Armour: (when aggrandized still uses the accustomed allegation backpack system)

- T92 Tank armour

- Achto defencive cooldown effect

- Achto 20% added accident while cutting bouncer buffed to +30% added damage

- "Power of the Absorber Hero" Buff, Granted if you acquire able a absorber for best than 10 abnormal straight, removed if you un-equip absorber (you can about-face mainhand weapons and accumulate the buff): The abutting adeptness of the absorber grant's you the adeptness to accomplish the abilities usually acute DW or 2H weapons [Requires all 5 pieces to be worn]

- Halved Drain bulk (custom-fit effect)

Our abstraction is to animate absorber Camping for best durations in the fight, this would addict ambit and affray added than mage, as you can't 4Taa with a wand/shield, you can do it with ranged. & you would get the massive arsenal of affray abilities afterwards the connected switching amid dw & 2h.

Achto is already too able in pvp situations, RS gold but aback cipher thinks about those, we'll abide to abstain them.

The absorber addict is overpowered, abounding stop. There actually isn't any point to accomplishing what you can do with a apostle but authoritative it even stronger. I do like the idea, but it just doesn't agitate out as fair.