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​RuneScape - Some ideas for adapted attacks for high-level weapons

news Oct-17-2019

​RuneScape - Some ideas for adapted attacks for high-level weapons

Spitballing some new Adapted Advance annual for high-level weapons. So with the dumpster blaze that was weapon assortment afresh accepting extinguished, I've been cerebration about means to advance weapon assortment afterwards just auctioning a ton of chargeless adeptness edge and switchscape on us, OSRS gold and I anticipate one abeyant way to analyze accomplishing that is with adapted attacks.

So because I'm apathetic and accept in fact annihilation bigger to do with my time adapted now, I absitively to appear up with some annual for adapted attacks for top akin weapons (T85+) that currently abridgement them. I approved to abstain furnishings that would aftereffect in accidental adeptness creep, and instead focus on furnishings that are added alcove and adeptness alone be advantageous in assertive affairs (but would be absolute advantageous in those circumstances). I aswell approved to accumulate them thematically consistent.

The adapted attacks are about based on attacks from the monster that drops them, or in the case of ports weapons, tend to be arresting furnishings to bout the arresting attributes of Ports armor.

They tend to accept 60 added cooldowns and their furnishings usually end aboriginal if the weapon is removed, not alone to absolute adeptness edge but aswell to absolute the bulk of switches you'd accept to accomplish to get optimal acceptance out of them. The specs could aswell crave the adapted abrupt in the case of one-handed weapons, but I assume to bethink there accepting a abstruse activity that fabricated this difficult to do. On the added hand, it was done with Dragon Claws somehow.

# Blightbound Crossbow

Name: Bane Bond

Costs 25% Adrenaline.

For 10 seconds, 50% of all Ranged accident you accord will be adapted to Bane damage. For example, if a Ranged adeptness would accept done 2000 damage, it will instead accord 1000 Ranged accident and 1000 Bane damage. This would be advantageous for bypassing bendable caps and could see some use in PvP, but all-embracing isn't amazingly advantageous as Ranged already has a brace of abundant top akin blueprint weapons in the Eldritch Crossbow and Seren Godbow.

# Praesul Wand

Name: Adeptness of the Elements

Costs 50% Adrenaline. Could possibly be added if accounted necessary.

Has a 60 added cooldown.

Fire a bewitched bang that deals up to 220% weapon damage, and about applies one of 4 Ancient Abracadabra effects. If the Blood aftereffect is chosen, 10% of the accident dealt is alternate as health. If the Ice aftereffect is chosen, the ambition is abashed for 4 ticks (2.4 seconds) and apprenticed for 10 ticks (6 seconds). If the Shadow or Smoke furnishings are chosen, the agnate Enfeeble/Stagger (10% debuff) aftereffect is activated for 15 seconds. If the accidental attributes of the aftereffect is undesirable, conceivably it could be based on what spell you accept set if you use the blueprint (Fire/Blood causes Blood effect, Water/Ice causes Ice effect, etc.). The top adrenaline bulk of this adapted advance for about characterless accident achievement makes me anticipate it would allegedly alone be acclimated at places breadth adrenaline isn't in fact a concern, such as Telos while continuing in the blooming beam.

# Khopesh of Tumeken

Name: I accept no idea. (Sun's Reach? Ablaze of Tumeken?)

Costs 25% Adrenaline.

Has a 60 added cooldown. Could possibly allotment this cooldown with Zaros Godsword and Ripper Claws's specs?

For 15 seconds, your Affray attacks accept a ambit of 8 squares. This could be visualized as your attacks battlefront after-effects of ablaze that accord Affray accident at a range. This aftereffect ends instantly if you abolish the Khopesh of Tumeken. Accepting able to use affray from a ambit is actually a able aftereffect in abounding affairs and would accept a acceptable few alcove uses, such as accepting able to use Onslaught with affray at appearance 5 Vorago, but it's aswell not absolute adeptness edge in a lot of circumstances.

# Ascension Crossbow

Name: Ascendancy

Costs 40% Adrenaline.

Has a 60 added cooldown.

Fire an advance into the sky at the target's location. Afterwards 1.8 seconds, lightning rains down and inflicts up to 200% weapon accident to your capital ambition and up to 157% to added targets aural 1 aboveboard of them. If the ambition moves abroad from its aboriginal breadth afore the advance strikes, it will abstain the damage.

# Drygore Weaponry

Name: Betelgeuse

Costs 50% Adrenaline.

Has a 60 added cooldown.

This advance performs an antecedent hit of 50% weapon accident and stuns the adversary for 2.4 abnormal (one all-around cooldown). Afterwards that, a stronger advance is performed, inflicting up to 200% weapon damage. This would be aggregate by all mainhand Drygore weaponry.

# Seismic Wand

Name: Anima Bomb

Costs 50% Adrenaline.

Has a 60 added cooldown.

Fire a red bomb at the target, ambidextrous up to 157% weapon damage. Like Vorago's red bombs, the advance accident is added for anniversary adversary in an breadth about the capital target, and those enemies allotment the damage. I anticipate it should be added by 20% weapon accident per accessory target, up to a best of 257%.

# Afterlife Lotus Dart & Superior Afterlife Lotus Dart

Name: No abstraction (Blinding Strike? No really, I accepted don't apperceive for this one lol).

Costs 20% Adrenaline.

For 15 seconds, every acknowledged Ranged advance will administer a assemblage of Blindness to the target, and brace the continuance of any absolute endless of Blindness. Anniversary assemblage of Blindness will abate the target's hitchance by 1%, and up to 15 endless can be applied. Blindness endless will endure for 30 abnormal afterwards the endure assemblage was applied, afterwards which they will all be removed at once. The furnishings of this adapted advance end instantly if you abolish the Afterlife Lotus Dart, but the endless of Blindness abide until they would commonly fade.

# Seasinger Kiba & Superior Seasinger Kiba

Name: ... I'm not acceptable with names, okay? (Ocean's Resolution, maybe?)

Costs 100% Adrenaline.

Has a 60 added cooldown.

For 15 seconds, you are accustomed to all debuffs, including stuns, binds, and Vulnerability/Enfeeble/Stagger effects. Administration that administer enrage/damage endless (Beastmaster Durzag, Yakamaru, and Nex: Angel of Death) will not administer any new endless during this period, but any absolute endless will still yield effect. This aftereffect ends instantly if you abolish the Seasinger Kiba/Superior Seasinger Kiba.

# Tetsu Katana & Superior Tetsu Katana

Name: Honorbound

Costs 50% Adrenaline.

Has a 120 added cooldown.

For 15 seconds, your ambition inflicts 50% beneath accident on you if you are in foreground of them (I.E. in a position breadth you would not be afflicted by the Flanking perk). If you are not in foreground of them, they administer 50% added damage. The Tetsu Katana cannot be butterfingers during this period.

# Wyvern Crossbow

Name: Wyvern Venom

Costs 50% Adrenaline.

Has a 60 added cooldown.

Fire an advance that deals up to 188% weapon damage. If it auspiciously hits, the target's amnesty to adulteration (if it has any) is aerial for 15 abnormal and adulteration is inflicted. Ideally, this should affect administration if possible. Conceivably administration could yield bargain accident from the poison.

# Camel Staff

Name: Sandstorm

Costs 30% Adrenaline.

Has a 60 added cooldown.

Summon a cyclone that deals up to 220% weapon accident over the advance of 6 seconds. Similar to a Camel Warrior's whirlwind, the accident should alpha low and admission up over time, and the ambition affective abroad from the cyclone should instantly end its effects.

# Ripper Claw

Name: Rip and Tear (or like Ripper's Acerbity or something if that's a absorb activity lol)

Costs 50% Adrenaline.

Has a 60 added cooldown, which is aggregate with the Zaros Godsword's blueprint (and possibly the Khopesh of Tumeken as well).

For 15 seconds, Bladed Dive's cooldown is bargain by 50% (should assemblage with Mobile), and all affray attacks are adapted to 3 hits, anniversary ambidextrous 40% of the aboriginal accident (resulting in a net 20% accident boost, potentially added adjoin opponents with a accident cap). Bleed abilities are artless by this effect. Removing the Ripper Claw or application the Berserk adeptness will instantly end the effect. This serves as a cheaper but added apprenticed addition to the Zaros Godsword, but shares a cooldown with it to anticipate accidental adeptness creep. Aswell binding DOOM reference.

Anyways, this column is added or beneath just for fun, and to analyze the abstraction of new weapon adapted attacks to advance weapon assortment and accord currently useless/undesirable weapons a accurate niche. I'd be absorbed in not alone your opinions on these specific furnishings but aswell your opinions on the absolute abstraction in general.