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Feb-13-2019 Categories: news

With the mining and smitting rework, the annal of ability has been afflicted to addapt to the new smitting way. However, i feel like it is awfully underpowered.

On the old way of smitting, the annal accustomed you to save a bar while accomplishing 3-4-5 confined items which is 33%, 25% and 20%. It didnt proc everytime but if it did, it was annual it.

I accept done over 20 abounding sets of ancient +5 aback the rework and i feel like it is now garbage.

Smitting elder+5 legs (same with boots cuff and captain which crave way beneath bars) and accepting the aftereffect proc saves 1 bar, and a bowl about save 2 bars.

Considerating confined acclimated on legs totals 48 and bowl 80, it equals to a 2% and a 2.5% save.

Highest antecedent bank (rune 80+smit) had a 5% adventitious to save a bar. Bold humans were authoritative legs (3bars) authoritative 3bars x16 legs (48) would aftereffect in 2.4 confined (0.05*48) adored on average. Accomplished bank does now save (when it proc) 1 bar per 48.

The aforementioned can be activated to bowl. 5% *80 confined is 4 bar adored on average. Which is way college than the 2-3 confined adored per rune ancient bowl +5.

Considerating no bars/ores are now abandoned and 4 ores are bare per ancient bar, it makes the action of creating an ancient bar way best than pvming for old rune bars.

The endure affair i wish to point is smitting action is now best per bar acclimated (5mins for a bowl on date +5 for 80 confined compared to 1-2 min max previously).

Overall i feel like the annal has been broke and seing 1 bar or 2 confined adored per batty bulk of confined brings me beneath joy afresh occasionally extenuative a big allotment of my smit process.

Also i feel like extenuative 1 confined for a 16 confined annual and accept the aforementioned 1 bar adored for a 48 confined annual dosent feel right.

Couldit be accessible to either accession boilerplate adored % per item/bars by either abbreviation the bulk of time it procs and badly advocacy confined adored per time or befitting the aforementioned proc ante and accretion the adored bulk a little.

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