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RuneScape - RS NEEDS Microtransactions

news Nov-26-2019

RuneScape - RS NEEDS Microtransactions

Let's accept it; The abandoned humans who in actuality accept top end accessory and top stats play the bold like it's a 9 to 5 job or get handouts due to getting a YouTuber/Streamer. That or they buy an annual or RS gold. The bold has a chargeless to play approach but it's not even annual playing.

Despite it getting about 12 years old the cable bulk hasn't abandoned once. Not abandoned that but the scumbags at Jagex aloft the associates bulk for cancelling associates afterwards affairs a ages of it because allegedly not absent autorenewal fees should aftereffect in penalties.

Plus the shitbag Jmods accept had affluence of humans like Jed embezzling banknote and burglary items or gold from players that got off afterwards punishment. Infact, they all knew what Jed was accomplishing and abandoned stepped in afterwards media circuses best it up.

We shouldn't be affected to pay these idiots money just to play a bold that looks like a shitty isometric appearance of Sega CD Legend of Zelda. It may be fun, but affluence of chargeless to play amateur accept surpassed it easily.

Minecraft is acutely better.

This bold should accept gone in actuality chargeless to play with microtransactions(I abhorrence microtransactions but the bold takes fucking always to accomplish progress. You accept to accept that accepting the advantage to pay $9.99 for a max carbon appearance rather than spending years arena the aforementioned annual anniversary day is annual it.

Plus the agreeable would all be calmly accessed for free. Anyone who disagrees is just affronted because they spent months on a alcove bold crumbling their time leveling crafting by smacking a bedrock with a pickaxe all day.

There is aswell the actuality that the abandoned humans who play actively are shut in NEETs that abandoned PvP with abandoned ambler dds. Shut up and play roblox runescape bitch. It's better.

Runescape needs microtransactions to survive.