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Oct-05-2018 Categories: news

I played Runescape aback in the day. From battery to a little while afterwards they conflicting the 3D graphics. Coworker of abundance mentioned Runescape and I absitively I'd hop aback in and Season it out.

Well my aboriginal annual was hacked, they took all my 45k+ gold bare a individual gold bread they larboard in my coffer annual (as a antic I guess?).

Funny abundant they afflicted annihilation else, had a abounding set of rune armor and dragon weapons and bags of runes they larboard behind, abandoned took the money heh.

So I'm bulk what they heck I'll alpha a beginning appearance and achieve a new character. Went through tutorial island and the bold acquainted way off compared to the original.

Instead of a adventurous charlatan with annihilation to their name and accepting to acquire your way through the bold al of a sudden I'm arresting an angry cult's advance to accession a necromancer, accepting a allegorical brand and acquisition a able demon.

The bold has me teleporting from city-limits to city, handing me amazing accessory and authoritative me a hero afore my appearance has even had breakfast.

I bethink the aboriginal adventure of accepting Silverlight and it fabricated you feel like you becoming it, accepting to acquisition the old torn locations and award the abstracts and guy who could reforge it to it's aloft glory.

Now you just complete a few simple achieve and acquire the alive brand in your calmly in minutes.

I was acquisitive for that old activity of mining up RuneScape gold chestnut and tin and accomplishment brownish acrimony to be able to achieve some accessory and be aces of demography on able foes.

Now the bold is throwing air-conditioned accessory and ballsy quests at you aural abnormal of abrogation tutorial island like it's abashed you're traveling to get apathetic and abdicate aural 5 minutes.

Anyone abroad feel a little put off by how the bold hurries you along? Heck I didn't even get to analyze Lumbridge, as anon as I dealt with the band it started aflame the teleport button at me to get to Varrock asap.

At what point does the bold leave you abandoned to analyze for yourself?

TL:DR The pacing of the new bold feels in actuality conflicting to the aboriginal game. Does the bold leave you abandoned afterwards awhile to explore?