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​RuneScape - Problems with Gregorovic

news Apr-09-2019

​RuneScape - Problems with Gregorovic

I've been killing Greg afresh in my slow, apathetic coursing for IFB, and acquire been aggravating to pin down in actuality why it is that Gregorovic is the NPC that I abandoned abhorrence angry added than any added individual appointment in the game.

Here's what I've arise up with so far:

- His basal attacks do a asymmetric bulk of accident compared to the draft of the administration in the Heart of Gielinor. This is discounting any accident taken from the poison, just the approved ranged and affray hits, with the affray hits in accurate accepting absolute punishing.

- His adapted attacks seemed like they're advised to be in actuality infurating, whilst causing boundless added accident for declining to accord with them optimally. I'll breach down my problems with anniversary of them:

1, The throwing knives are in actuality fine, no problems with this one. It deals added accident but can be predicted and dealt with appealing easily.

2, The adumbration clones fit absolute accurately with Sliske's accomplished accord and, by themselves, I acquire no botheration with them. The bigger botheration actuality is the credible acceleration at which Greg can accord a approved affray hit. For example, he switches places with a adumbration carbon as they spawn, and as a aftereffect you're in affray ambit of him for one bold tick. GG, adore that huge affray hit served to you on a platter. Oh, and aswell they acquire astronomic clickboxes that accomplish alienated the next artisan trickier than it already (unfairly) is, that's just abominably implemented and should be fixed.

3, The befuddled knives/shadow spots are just broken. Visually 1x1, but in actuality 2x2? So I can be absolute acutely not continuing on any caliginosity and still yield a 1700 abracadabra hit, great. Acknowledgment runescape.

4, The summoned alcohol are aswell accomplished as they are, acceptable job on those.

Honestly, even the added accident that he deals about to added administration in the Heart of Gielinor is fine. All I'm allurement for are two fixes that would accomplish this bang-up buy RuneScape gold consistently beneath infuriating to fight:

- Fix the clickboxes on the adumbration clones.

- Fix the cartoon for the falling knives so you can in actuality see breadth not to stand.

Thanks for account my irritation-fuelled bluster on my a lot of hated NPC action in the absolute game.