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​RuneScape - Please give us quality cosmetics

news Nov-29-2019

​RuneScape - Please give us quality cosmetics

I visited SGS today because my character's attending was accepting appealing stale.

Turns out there are like 2 corrective sets in accomplished SGS that attending good, the blow is just over-the-top and meme material. SGS Animations? Either too abhorrent or they don't plan on accepted training methods.

I was accommodating to absorb all for my additional bonds (11) for cosmetics, but in the end I spent annihilation but 80 runecoins for Shadow Hunter set.

I'd in actuality bead my coffer on acceptable searching cosmetics.

Here are some annual of what could be added to SGS (copied from column I fabricated earlier):

# Action Overrides

Players absorb huge bulk of time in combat. I anticipate that accepted animations/VFX attending either apparent bad or artlessly abridgement theme. Dragon's Animation is consistently fire, added abracadabra abilities are some animal aerial clouds, PC is accomplishing advanced slashes with rapiers, Tuska's Wrath breeding some awe-inspiring extra etc.

Some suggestions:

1, Abracadabra - Lighting themed accomplishment set. Abracadabra chains about-face into Chain Lightning, Detonate into some ample aftershock-like explosion, blow into tiny spark, Sunshine into changeless field...

2, High-res/polished action animations that accompany abundantly with absolute hitsplats.

3, Melee - Medieval techique overrides. Mordhau, half-swording, absolute trusts for ache weapons, one-and-half duke moves, Phalanx Stance etc.

4, Ranged - Arcane Archery. If you don't apperceive what im talking about attending up Dragon Dogma's Magick Archer. It's basically application bow or ranged weapon to casting spells.

5, Melee - Overrides that adumbrate your weapons and accomplish you do aggressive moves with kung-fu/monk vibes.

# Simplistic/realistic cosmetics

Solomon's and TH is abounding of high-fantasy accessory with frills, spikes, skulls and whatnot, about there's a rather ample allotment of association affection down-to-earth/realistic/dark designs and they're larboard absolute unsatisfied. There's acquainted except for scattering low-level weapons.

- Weapons/armors with mostly astute proportions, such as simple spears, halberds, crossbows, flails or axes. Aswell weapons specific to assertive cultures such as Daos, Katanas, Yumi, Obsidian weaponry, Zweihander. In actuality any ample shield like scutum or pavise.

- Broken/Slavaged/Used equipment. Legends cape is the abandoned broken cape in the bold and it's appealing accepted admitting accepting absolute anachronous look. I'd adulation to see broken/bloodied swords. You could absolutely attending at Dark Souls in this regard.

# Other

- Wings that don't attending like cardboard.

- Capes with bound physics (or just SOME movement, absolute capes attending like planks alert to our backs).

- Overridable Allegorical Pets. A lot of them attending weird/bad, and the abandoned acumen i don't use them is that i can't override them with just simple cat, dog or skilling or bang-up pet.

- Old academy cosmetics. I apperceive it's apparently time to move on, but hey this is what allotment of association wants.