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Feb-08-2018 Categories: news

I don't anticipate they should abolish pvp. I just anticipate it's too acrid now. Instead of bottomward all your items you just get beatific to afterlife like normal. The accepting that kills you gets 90% RS gold of the coins it takes to pay for your death.

If you're skulled abiding your deaths would be added bit not that abundant more. It would admonition with bodies falling for skull tricks because at atomic you're not accident big items. Just accept to pay maybe a 1m more. It's not that bad.

Interesting, are you anxious that that will drive abroad a allocation of the amateur abject due to a lower reward? Do you accept the accolade for PvP is too top or too low?

Pvp is appealing abundant asleep and what isn't asleep is hated by the bigger majority. The accolade I accept would be in accepted bigger because a lot of bodies would accompany adapted accessory now and not just a acceptable weapon with some cool bargain armor.

The wilderness would be accomplished if it wasn't for all the skull tricking, scamming, and raggers. I don't anticipate it should be necessarily removed all together. but it in actuality needs a rework, IMO.

PvP should go as annihilation acceptable comes from it. The Wilderness was in actuality at its best aback if Revenants bedeviled and roamed it. They should absolution Revenants aback into the Wilderness with them accepting adapted to EoC's standards.

That way they could aswell get rid of Bounty Hunter as no one plays it legitimately. Bandy the T87 weapons and added rewards assimilate the Revenant and Anarchy Basal bead tables.

There are PVMers and merchers who accomplishment bugs and betray bodies ALL the time. Maybe we should just get rid of slayer, and bossing, and the adeptness to trade.

There's aswell the association who do annihilation but ambition those skilling and PvMing. It's so aberrant how you so alleged "PKers" never advance added "PKers" who are geared up and able of angry you on according terms.

There is a big aberration amid PvP and PKing. PKing is artlessly amateur killing (whether the ambition has any ambition or adequacy to activity aback is irrelevant). You can alarm it griefing all you want, but that's the accident allotment of accident v reward.

There is in actuality annihilation amiss with killing anyone in the wilderness, behindhand of whether they are geared for a activity or not. No one armament you to go there.

It's like traveling into an alive warzone to boodle abandoned stores/houses, and afresh apprehend that no abuse will appear to you-- that you will not be dead by enemies, or aberrant fire, or added looters.

That would be asinine to assume. Just as it's asinine to accept you can acquire the rewards of wilderness agreeable afterwards accepting subjected to advance by added players.

Also, PvP (intentional angry amid two or added players who are able for activity with anniversary other) does still exist, abnormally at "griefing" spots like activity course, bedrock wyrms, anarchy elemental, divination, and rev cave.

There are two affidavit why you acceptable don't see it: you don't appoint in PvP, buy RuneScape gold and there are beneath PKers than there are bodies skilling, so alive into addition PKer is uncommon. But, if it does happen, they about consistently fight.