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Sep-15-2018 Categories: news

Going crazy. Accounting annihilate on alone one account. Not accident alfresco RS capital account. Cursor flicks aback to the alpha of the band whilst typing.

Sorry for the diffuse column but this is madness. Something started accident a few canicule ago and it is alive me crazy.

When I blazon into clan/group babble (I don't blazon abundant into accessible babble for me to accept activated this window as well) I can about accept my cursor displace to the alpha of the sentence. This leads to my sentences searching ridiculous.

Example: "ow's it going?Hey guys. H" which should apprehend as "Hey guys. How's it going?".

I've done some troubleshooting and can annihilate it accident alfresco my capital account. It does not appear on my alt at all.

- It hasn't happened already while accounting on Reddit/Facebook/emails in the accomplished 3-4 days, aback it started in game. It hasn't happened already while accounting this up.

- It is accident with my Custom 1 and Custom 4 layouts which are my abounding awning layouts. I've acclimated this blueprint for over a year afterwards any problems.

- It can activate at any moment. It is not triggered by any specific keystroke I make. It can go abroad for 30 minutes, and afresh appear aback and annoy me afresh for every book I blazon for like 5 minutes.

- I've never had it appear alert in one sentence.

- My Custom 3 blueprint is configured for if I accept my 2 accounts on one screen. It DOES NOT appear at all in this blueprint that I created. It's absolutely a minimalist blueprint accustomed that there isn't abundant absolute acreage if you accept 2 accounts on one screen. I accept played several hours over the accomplished few canicule with Custom 3 afterwards one issue. Aback I watch Netflix/YT while I play, this is usually the blueprint I'm using. But if I rax or just wanna accept to music I accord my accounts a awning each, and afresh the botheration is decumbent to occur.

- I recreated my Custom 1 and 4 from blemish application the RS3 absence mode, afresh adored aback over Custom 1/4. Affair still happens about in these modes. I cut down on some windows so there was beneath "fluff".

- I accept austere all Jagex accumulation on my PC (deleted a lot of folders and accumulation files), and deleted RS. I'm in IT so I apperceive area to attending and all that. Done it abounding times afore too. Restarted and installed afresh and it happened afresh about immediately.

At aboriginal I absolutely anticipation this was a keyboard issue. But I charge to reiterate that it isn't as it alone happens on my capital annual and if I accept one of my full-screen layouts active.

In adjustment for me to set my cursor aback to the alpha of the band I would accept to hit Shift + Home. It is not acceptable that my keyboard alone glitches this combo, and alone does it on one account. I wrote this accomplished column afterwards this affair happening. But if I blazon this abundant into RS it's apprenticed to appear at atomic a brace of times.