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Mar-13-2019 Categories: news

I'm in a bit of a bind, and allegedly theres in actuality no advantage to even try to acquaintance jagex on this.

I created my annual in OSRS, to play adamant man, and purchased associates for it. Afterwards a brace weeks, I capital to try out rs3 as well.

I was abundantly surprised, actualization on tutorial island and accustomed a affable accession to the game.

I enjoyed the adapted cartoon and music added than I accepted I would, and it looks like some of the accomplishment reworks are in actuality changes I enjoy. I even like EOC.

But for some reason, my appearance on rs3 was already fabricated and I had no adventitious to baddest adamant man.

I anticipation that I would actuate it by an npc at the end, but this did not assume to be case as the endure astrologer had me casting Home Teleport which I canceled out of.

Unfortunately, arena rs3 in adamant man is in actuality something acute for me, RS gold and I don't wish to accept to buy associates SEPERATELY on two accounts: I wish my one account, with its adamant man on both the osrs and rs3 adaptation of it.

So allegedly the abandoned advantage I accept is to actualize a new annual and buy a seperate associates for it there?

I'm just not traveling to do this, I'm not traveling to pay alert as abundant just because I amiss some annual conception toggles.

I'd be just as blessed if I could DELETE my appearance even, which is aswell not an option.

I haven't even larboard tutorial island and this array of charcoal the able affair for me (sorry for accepting dramatic).

I in actuality wish to try this bold instead, and I anticipate it's in jagex's absorption to accord some added options in this apropos players who havent even larboard tutorial island yet.