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​RuneScape - Miniquest Suggestion: Tales of the Black Ibis


​RuneScape - Miniquest Suggestion: Tales of the Black Ibis

Within the minigame Pyramid Plunder, you can can appear beyond the accouterments pieces of the abstruse Black Ibis. We currently don't apperceive who they formed for.

In these accumulating of tales, the amateur would get the befalling to analyze that reason, forth with the acumen why the Guardian Mummy allows humans to 'loot' the pyramid.

Starting Requirements:

- Admission to Pyramid Plunder

- Completed Buyers and Cellars

- 91 Thieving

- Accepting a Black Ibis Outfit, Elite Thieving Outfit, or Rogue Accouterments would be 'helpful'.

To start: Talk to Darren at the Thieve's Guild.

The Guild would accept appear beyond a scroll. Old, antique, etc etc. Abiding account a few coins. But Darren credibility out the absolute bulk of the annal ... he wants you to go to the Pyramid.

Oh, and one added affair ... it appears the annal has an inscription on it: don't steal. You'll charge to accomplish it all the way to the final allowance afterwards annexation annihilation aural the 5 minute timeframe.

When you alleviate the Tomb Doors in Allowance 8, the bold timer will stop and you'll acquisition yourself in a new 'starting room'. Actuality the Guardian Mummy will be added affronted than accustomed that you fabricated it there.

When you appearance him the annal that Darren gave you, he'll be hit with a spell.

The Mummy will now be added ... acceptable ... buy OSRS gold and accord you some added belief abaft the Black Ibis and the pharaoh accompanying to Jalsavrah. But alone some. He will accompaniment that if you wish added information, you will charge to bare that for yourself. He's not amenable if you die aggravating to bare information.

From actuality on, the amateur will now be able to admission the new room. This allowance will accept 4 doors the amateur can go into.

Each allowance will be hardly agnate to Dungeoneering and Thieving, breadth the amateur needs to stealthily cross a allowance ... and like the blow of the them of Pyramid Plunder ... boodle urns, chests, and sarcophagi, analytic for tomes and debris of cardboard to put calm some coded journals. During the looting, you'll accept even added added affairs of accepting Scepters, Black Ibis Accouterments Pieces (if not owned), and the accepted college end boodle from Plunder.

In ceremony room, a artisan can be added breadth accepting the accompanying Thieving Outfits would add some account to accepting added catlike ... Rogue Accouterments = ok, Black Ibis accouterments = better, Elite Thieving Outfits = Best.

Each of the 4 apartment will acquaint their own affiliate in the history of the Desert and the Black Ibis.

Each allowance will still accept a 5 minute timer that you acquaintance in a accustomed PP game. So ... yeah ... it may crop added than 1 or 2 runs to complete ceremony room.

Upon achievement of the Tales, the amateur will be awarded Thieving XP and any accompanying abilities (ie: Dungeoneering). As able-bodied as admission to what are finer college bank Pyramid Plunder Rooms.