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​RuneScape - Keepsaked Advantageous Eagle-eye Kiteshield doesn't work

news Jul-24-2019

​RuneScape - Keepsaked Advantageous Eagle-eye Kiteshield doesn't work

More information:

1, I am a chargeless amateur currently, admitting admitting this, it should still plan as all of my added p2p keepsaked items still plan just fine, including my Advantageous Bandos Chestplate.

2, Every time I try to administer the keepsaked absorber in question, it artlessly doesn't. Addition keepsaked absorber I accept does work, however. I'm still ashore with the antecedent absorber override I applied. I approved removing that absolutely and aggravating again, to no avail.

3, It doesn't amount what blazon of absorber I equip. Melee shield, ranged shield, none work.

4, I keepsaked this account months ago. Aback then, it worked. I didn't apprehension this affair until a few canicule ago. I submitted bug letters but seeing as how I agnosticism abounding humans are encountering this problem, I don't anticipate they will go anywhere, hence why I am announcement this here.

Ideally, I'd like to see this affair bound so I can use my keepsaked shield. However, removing the absorber from my account of keepsaked items and reimbursing my key will suffice.

If anyone has account or advice, feel chargeless to let me know! Otherwise, I'm acquisitive a J-mod sees this and helps out. Thanks!