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​RuneScape - Jad and HarAken + spell accident question

news Sep-10-2019

​RuneScape - Jad and HarAken + spell accident question

So I approved Action Cavern already but as accepted Jad dead me appealing quick. I just afresh got aback into the bold and had a few questions about action cavern and anhydrate afore I approved again.

Equipment: I acclimated abounding Gano before, and I still accept it, RuneScape gold but is it account advance in Virtus for the accident benefit aback the armour stats are the same?

Weapons: Acclimated Armadyl battlestaff with Ice Blitz. Currently 87 Mage, 91 def and 93 HP. Should I try and use Water Billow instead? Should I try and akin up to get to Ice Barrage?

How do spell accident and weapon accident chronicle to anniversary other? I apperceive that Cywir Wand is t80 advance and t90 accuracy. Does spell accident assemblage on top of weapon damage? Or do they go in alongside until the weapon's accident cap?

Eg: Ice Blitz has a 'base damage' of 787 which scales to 883 at 92 magic. Ice Barrage has a 'base damage' of 883. Does it not calibration up? How do weapons agency into the abject and scaled damage?

Considering the aforementioned weapon (Cywir) and aforementioned abracadabra akin (say 95) which of these would do added damage, because a individual target?

WRT Prayer, I'm still alone 79, and don't accept admission to Soul Split yet. Would Curses be bigger or accustomed prayers at 79?

Inventory, I accept would be the accepted 'best potions' and 'best food' forth with adoration face-lifting and air-conditioned restore. Annihilation abroad that I charge to accumulate in mind?