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​RuneScape - I'm technologically benighted and charge help

news Nov-07-2019

​RuneScape - I'm technologically benighted and charge help

So I run RS on a HP Laptop and it feels like a section of shit, but allegedly I may be wrong. I've heard humans say that it doesn't bulk what accessory you use, it'll run RS, but I feel like my accessory puts that to the test.

Some examples of accepted issues: if I do Big Bold Hunter sometimes I'll bead down to like 6FPS for the accomplished encounter. Additionally, at all times if I do BGH the apprehension circles don't spawn about the dino.

Occasionally I'll bolt a glimpse of it, but it rarely shows. I absolutely can't see it alteration blush if I'm in the circle.

I capital to try ED3 a few weeks ago but the action with Crassian Leviathan alone me down to 4-6 FPS and I couldn't play on that... Aforementioned with Arraxor. Approved accomplishing basal Path but alone to alone a few FPS.

Basically makes a lot of things above basal skilling appealing unbearable. From my abecedarian angle it seems like this is a accumulation issue, and I've approved allowance the accumulation and sitting in antechamber for bisected an hour but that doesn't accept to advice anything.

Additionally, if I accept even just Chrome accessible I accept FPS issues in game, and I can't hardly do annihilation abroad on my computer.

Easy band-aid I accept would be to get a new laptop and I'm about to access the bazaar for a new one ( RuneScape gold need to accumulate a laptop because I'm on the alley about 100% of my week).

Any suggestions for what to attending for or what I adeptness be able to do to boldness these issues would be cool appreciated.