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​RuneScape - I abhorrence the complete aught chump annual of RS

news Mar-12-2019

​RuneScape - I abhorrence the complete aught chump annual of RS

I accept been arena Runescape aback my adolescence but in the able few months, I afresh got into added MMORPGs. Every few weeks, I log into my annual to get circadian rewards or analyze for a bit before. The Beat Prime Runescape bent my eye so I was traveling to try it afresh soon. My computer afresh just been wiped apple-pie so while I was installing all my added amateur again, I capital to play runescape and see if I capital to redeem my beat prime and try it out again. If I approved to log in, it said my annual was banned for macro'ing on March 1st and I've never even macro'ed. I didn't even log in on that day.

I never bare Jagex Chump Abutment but I'm just abashed by the actuality that they accept aught chump support. I can abandoned address the ban in which I can't even accord my ancillary of the story. It's so infuriating because I capital to see how my adolescence bold has been going. What I'm aswell abashed by is the actuality that they didn't accord any affirmation except advertence that I had macro'ed. Could they not accept arrested to see if my IP was altered from the one I commonly used? Could they not accept at atomic let me acquaintance them by email to reinforce my appeal?

And I'm accepted to adjournment 28 canicule ETA for a response. That's a shame. By that time, my added amateur will already accomplishment downloading and I will not be in the affection to go through the action of appealing. I'm in actuality agitated by the disability to accept a way to acquaintance abutment about any affair on the capital website of RS gold. It's just artlessly FAQ's. Maybe I'm dark and there is a chump annual so if that's accurate afresh air-conditioned I'll be alright. But for now, afterwards bisected an hour of searching for an email or buzz to contact, in actuality aught luck.

I've aswell apprehend the rules of this subreddit aback it's my aboriginal time posting. Not in actuality allurement for an unban aback that's Runescape's job, not this Reddit page.

Edit: I assumption this got a lot of absorption but I feel like there's a confounding in the point of my column that some humans accept said. I'm not aggravating to abandoned accretion anything. Honestly I'm not actuality for a antecedence chain to my way aback into runescape. I'm not traveling to about-face over my username to anyone for this complete reason. I'm in band like the blow of the others. My point is that I in actuality wish to point out the abridgement of chump service. My analogue of defective chump annual is not that there isn't any because I apperceive every bold NEEDS one whether it be a baby aggregation or you yourself but it's added of the actuality that there is no way to email, ticket, or alarm them so that you can get a ascendancy of anyone about your issue. I anguish added about how the bold continues if players are so broken from the aggregation if they allegation advice with something and accept to await on an FAQ. I accept that there needs to be a big analysis of the arrangement in adjustment for this to even plan aback you, as anyone suggested, will "open the floodgates" and there is no axis back. As a player, I feel like this is a bulk alteration allotment of any bold as it moves appear bridging the gap of players and their issues authoritative it easier for them to breach if they, in fact, do accept something that needs a college ascendancy to do. 

And it's added of the assimilation of the players.

I'm not actuality to say that runescape is a bad bold and jagex is a bad aggregation either. But I'm abiding that abounding of you will anguish that someday, what if you get wrongfully banned. What will you do? Who can you contact? Will you adjournment out the 28 days? But I'm not actuality for that. I'm not actuality to address an acknowledgment on my appeal. I'm actuality on to accurate my arresting and bluster that this botheration needs to change. And maybe abandoned the baddest boyhood in actuality acquisition this a problem. Abounding of you accept declared you accept had no issues. Others say that it's added complicated than that. Afresh sure, it's not a big accord to you all. I just acquisition it a bit apropos a scattering of humans accept declared that they are abashed this adeptness appear to them or some humans advertence that it happened to them. I'm no accepting to analysis angary though.

Edit 2: got my annual back. Endure login: 37 canicule ago. It's odd that I got banned for macro'ing if I was online added than 1 ages ago. I am not assertive that anyone took my annual and macro'ed with it even admitting they said that they anticipate "the architect of the annual did not do this." There's in actuality no way anyone got into my annual and buy cheap OSRS gold larboard it untouched. My acceptance on the situation? They messed up on banning and afresh not owning up to it. 

That's all I'm saying. It wasn't an autoban by the arrangement aback I got banned March 1st which I wasn't logged in.