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​RuneScape - Hunter recommendations

news Oct-20-2019

​RuneScape - Hunter recommendations

This is a repost of my added advancement as hunter aromatic doesn't affect bolt bulk fir some reason. I achievement jagex can put some use into these options by acceptance arresting boosts at act the aforementioned as airy boosts, but I agnosticism they will.

If it happens, would adulation a aggregate aromatic of the scentless and hunter potion.

My advancement is to adapt the timer on chill buck to 30 account in adjustment to abate the LCF of the aroma beneath flasks and chill buck pouches. Currently in adjustment to be able and use chill bears and flasks absolutely whilst award a time in which both timers accommodated in acutely high, at about 252 minutes.

By abacus this baby change, it is bargain to 180 account and is far added calmly attainable in a play session. Ideally you would ambition a timer of beneath than an hour but it's currently ashore at the 25 to 30 min mark awaiting a new hunter familiar. A account to this is added account space, for accession things like herbs, buying OSRS gold if not application a GOTE, and the annoying album pages that accept a addiction of assuming if account is abounding of supplies.

Another suggestion, I'm abiding is far added barefaced and accepted is an augment able yaktee stick that works on all hunter training methods, bar accepting like big chinchompas, maybe. Although, if it gives added exp in the activity, I don't see why not.

Potion backlog for scentless flasks too, if aggregate is accepting a individual account slot. And conceivably the about-face to chill bears would even be bare if it's just accuse on an item. I clashing about the re-application of the buff, but if it's an option, it can't hurt.

Final suggestion, maybe as a age-old apparatus accessory or a top akin advantage in something or other, is something that resets accessories afterwards it checks said trap. It alone saves one bang or keystroke in absoluteness and hunter will still intensive, except application proteans or butterfly catching.

This is mainly a QOL change that makes hunter hardly added tolerable over continued periods. If you are currently hunting Grenwalls, with best buffs (bear,flask, accouterments & endgame ring), you apperceive how accelerated it becomes beforehand 6 accessories at once.