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​RuneScape - How benign is it to in actuality acclimatize action to a mobs weakness

news Jan-13-2019

​RuneScape - How benign is it to in actuality acclimatize action to a mobs weakness

How benign is it to in actuality acclimatize action to a mobs weakness? Apologetic if you decay your time annual this and it turns out to be a brainless question, but I was ahead in the ambrosial aggressive raiding arena in W0W area min/maxing was acute and you cycle with hardly altered sets of armor for whichever blueprint you're active so the absolute action engine in RS is conflicting to me and I've mostly just been autopiloting with Rev++ bars.

I've been cerebration about this for a while now and haven't in actuality been able to acquisition any harder affirmation one way or another. Maybe there's some Youtuber who has a video that I haven't been able to acquisition that bigger discusses this or there's some all-embracing anticipate catchbasin altercation that's over my head.

Is it anytime benign to go with lower-tier accessory to bout a mobs weakness? What's the angled point?

Some examples...

Let's pretend that in my coffer I accept the afterward weapons/sets:

- Khopesh of Tumeken and Khopesh of Elidinis (883/2577 & 441/2577, T92 Fastest Stab weapons)

- Drygore coinsy and Off-hand drygore coinsy (864/2458 & 432/2458, T90 Fast Crush weapons)

- Noxious scythe (2011/2458, T90 Boilerplate Slash weapon)

- Aristocratic tetsu katana and wakizashi (1078/2343 & 539/2343, T88 Fastest Slash weapons)

These weapons are all absolute agnate in tier, but the accident is absolute different/confusing for an boilerplate amateur like myself.

In a vacuum, adjoin a mob with no weakness, how do I adjudge which to go with?

If I'm angry a mob with a weakness to Slash

- How do I accomplish the accommodation amid Nox Scythe and the POP weapons? The accumulated accident of the POP swords and the accurateness still don't bout that of the scythe.

- Why does the weapon acceleration amount aback a all-inclusive majority of accident comes from abilities, not the auto attacks (right?)?

- Is it anytime assured bigger to go with the Khopesh weapons over the POP swords? The accumulated accident is lower for the Khopesh than POP.

- How important is accuracy?

Is there about that this advice is readily accessible and I can do a BiS calculator or something? 

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