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Jun-13-2019 Categories: news

This is a kind of random and wacky idea I just came up with RuneScape gold so there might be heavy opinions on this. Please feel free to let me know of the comments.

People's opinion of MXT are always mostly negative in RS3 but fact is it most likely won't ever go away, Jagex make too much money off of it.

So, this idea proposes a way to improve Treasure Hunter a bit.

What if there was a way to help your friend or clan member get that last cosmetic that's on promotion? Maybe you like to buy keys whether it be with real money or bonds. Not my thing, but hey, obviously people do it, not here to judge.

I propose bought TH keys to be tradable via the trade interface. There could even be a add/remove TH key button to be added where the current add/remove inventory and coin buttons are.

This will allow you to trade only bought keys not earned or daily as that would be easily manipulated via alts.

Now I know there is currently a system in place where you can buy a bond and then redeem it to get TH keys, but this will allow a natural market to emerge in the RS economy as well as set a price for just keys specifically as an item in the game and not just bonds.

This can also open up things for clans and friends to gift keys as rewards for clan events, etc.

I don't believe this will negatively effect anything in relation to the game as people who want to buy keys for experience can do so now anyway whether it be via real cash or bonds.

Please let me know what you all think, I think it is a solid TH update and can help add another fold into the RS economy.

Thanks for reading!