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RuneScape - Dailyscape Reduction: Wild Jade Backcountry rework

news May-14-2019

RuneScape - Dailyscape Reduction: Wild Jade Backcountry rework

Wild Jade backcountry is addition one of those activities on a camp agenda (~ 19 hrs of advance time for 1500 Farming XP, some Slayer XP, and badge Woodcutting XP)

Suggestion to rework now gives players 2 options: Combat/Slayer and Skiller.

Either option, it now becomes a account D&D, resettable with Account badge and there will now be a Combat/Skiller toggle for the action (similar to Troll Invasion). Horacio will no best action the Backcountry for you.

# Combat/Slayer


- At aboriginal of month, afterwards account reset, amateur assets adeptness to action Wild Jade Vine

- Wild Jade Backcountry is buffed in Bloom and Accident Achievement (fight is longer, somewhat commensurable to Skeletal Horror)

- Accolade is now accustomed as Ample XP Lamp of XP in Slayer, Ample XP Lamp in Farming, and Baby XP Lamp in Woodcutting

- Amateur still needs to replant berry afterwards fighting.

# Skiller


- Amateur needs to absorb 5 account application woodcutting and pruning animations to chop it down. (similar to chopping Elder Timberline or Evil Tree)

- Amateur is awarded Ample Star of BXP in Farming and Medium Star of BXP in Slayer and Woodcutting each.

- Skiller needs to replant berry to displace cycle.

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