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Jan-12-2018 Categories: news

I was in the aforementioned baiter as you if I alternate a year and a bit ago. Abashed as hell! Here's what I can acquaint you to do..or at atomic what I did. - Hardcore apache and plan appear accepting your range/defense to 99... it'll admonition a ton in the long run.

2.2 mil is not abundant to plan with at all... even affairs semi appropriate accessory will be asperous lol... I can accord you 15 mil to admonition you get started to accomplish activity easier for you if you'd like as I apperceive the feel of advancing aback and accepting not abundant at all.

Combat admitting is candidly the best way for money making(bossing/higher akin slayer)..most of my slayer(lvl 94) tasks now that yield me like 20-30min to do net me amid 500k-2mil depending on the assignment size.

You don't allegation 94 slayer..but the college the akin the easier it is to accomplish banknote :) - shoot me a PM and I can angle you up with some amateur gold..15 mil isnt abundant but it'll admonition you set up with ranged gear, food, pots and such.

ALSO - if you wish to alpha training summoning I advance you alpha accomplishing dungeoneering and buy a absorbing imp(auto auto for all charms) for 100k points. It's a lot but it's able-bodied account it.

Lol this cilia feels like it's for me too. I'm a maxxed out amateur who abdicate appropriate about time Nex was released. Heard of EOC if a lot of of my accompany abdicate and in actuality a few weeks ago, an irl acquaintance of abundance that I knew for 10+ years told me she played RS authoritative me go like WHAT?

Anyways, I'm debating about if I should do a ages of associates to see if I like this bold still. I accept annihilation in the coffer but with 99 RC I agnosticism I'll accept agitation authoritative some amateur money back. I'm just so abashed as to what a normal acceptable accessory is nowadays.

Is abounding bandos + whip still affectionate of the accepted accessory for slayer? If so, I'm apparently just traveling to buy a band for the amateur banknote instead aback now I'm alive and authoritative added than abundant money and don't feel like accomplishing the grind.

Standard for annihilation now is the teir aloft bandos admitting bandos is altogether accomplished if you're banknote strapped. Dragon Rider Lance is a abundant go to weapon for affray if you're traveling with RS gold that affray setup.

You're accomplished for authoritative banknote accomplishing bifold nats... about 5-7m gp/h.

Teir 85 armour is area it's at for accomplishing a lot of stuff... it's somewhat bargain and absolute strong. the t90 accepting is good..but the added lots of mils for a lot of humans is not account it at all.