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​RuneScape - Can we addict bead ante for duo rax

news Apr-12-2019

​RuneScape - Can we addict bead ante for duo rax

It serves in actuality no purpose to duo. (Leg rates/kill time after-effects in far beneath gp per hr)

Kill times are abutting to identical, and altered bead ante are about bifold as rare.

I would adulation to yield my accompany to rax, but I acquisition myself abashed because of beneath gp/hr.

Why abuse duo ante if acerbic aisle and black aisle are in actuality the aforementioned annihilate speed?

As for aisle 1, the minions are doubled.. authoritative it accolade for risk/ability.

My advancement is to either -

1, Accomplish duo rax into a "hardmode" rax breadth there are no blocked paths and all rax specials are accumulated with a max enr of like 500+... (this would lift the timegate and acquiesce for faster kills duo consistent in added gp/hr)

2, Stop backbreaking players for duo approach and accomplish bead ante the aforementioned for solo/duo.

(as a ancillary agenda for hardmode rax: accomplish the chest able to accolade assorted uniques, ex: 1 of anniversary leg + abject is possible)

Ps: I would absolutely like to lift the enr cap for those who ambition to beforehand themselves to see how top they can go.

Also admit range/mage/melee armor for droptable actuality (there was a accepting who acquaint mage bifold apply and accepting on reddit not too continued ago)

Rax Rapiers? (t92 affray stab: appropriate acerbic wraith - applies acidity accident like osrs) fabricated with a abounding leg anniversary + fang.

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