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​RuneScape - Big Bold Hunting Balancing Issues

news Jul-12-2019

​RuneScape - Big Bold Hunting Balancing Issues

Lets allocution about our favourite topic: GAME BALANCE

My acquaintance so far: Accept asleep all 9 dinosaurs and done about 50 absolute kills

For those that haven't accomplished the agreeable yet there are 3 tiers of dinos

# Bank 1 - Requires angle to bait, and gives meat that is acclimated to bolt bank 2

# Bank 2 - Requires the bank 1 meat to allurement and gives the meat that is acclimated to bolt bank 3

# Bank 3 - Requires the bank 2 meat to allurement and has a adventitious to bead 1/3rd of the new maul

Common faculty would behest that the Bank 1 would be the everyman GP/HR, Bank 2 would be the boilerplate of the alley and Bank 3 would be the best GP/HR with the adversity traveling up as the bank goes up, but no they are just re-skinned versions of anniversary other, with the breadth accepting altered to change it up. I in actuality activate one of the Bank 1 monsters (Arcane Apoterrasaur) to be the individual hardest ones out of all of them, mostly due to the actuality that it walks in a zig-zag arrangement that is a little harder to adumbrate than a beeline amphitheater and the easiest was the Malletops (Tier 3).

To get 5 kills (1 cycle), you charge amid 5-7 bait, for artlessness we will say the boilerplate is 6 (mathematically its 5.83), anniversary annihilate seems to get 1.5 meats out of it, so you "should" be able to do 5 kills of anniversary and go up the chain. That seems to be the advised absorbed as it takes about 20 account to do the 5 kills at one monster so you could do T1 -> T2 -> T3

However the GE exists, and we all aren't ironmen, because the adversity is about the aloft above the 9 dino's humans will approach to the one that makes the a lot of money.

For example, humans wish to annihilate the T3 Dino to get a allotment of the bang section as that the a lot of gp/hr, this increases appeal (and accordingly price) on the T2 meat, which makes humans wish to do the T2 one for the now a lot of GP/HR, which increases appeal on the T1 meat, authoritative it the a lot of gp/hr. Over a connected aeon the 9 altered dino's will hotlink up to be about the aloft gp/hr

If you access the adversity of the college tiered dino's they will end up with humans accomplishing the one breadth the adversity matches their adeptness and not just the one that is the a lot of gp/hr

Possible Solutions to access the adversity of the college bank dino's

- No Connected Grass

- Abate Area

- Added HP

- Abandoned 1 tree/vine spawn per area

- Quicker timer for death

- Beneath anticipated paths

Also addict the xp/hr, I was about accepting added XP in activity with silverhawk boots than I was with hunter (200m xp but had xp adverse up)