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​RuneScape - Bargain Healing Bright OP

news Sep-06-2019

​RuneScape - Bargain Healing Bright OP

Odd stratagy I've been testing application the "Black Bright (reduced healing)" item. Do you anticipate its viable?

Every time you alleviate with the atramentous crystal of OSRS gold, you crop accident according to 25% of the healing as a agency of abbreviation that healing.

In aggregate with Soul Split, you alleviate every time you accord damage, so you aswell crop accident according to 25% of that healing.

I noticed that this "healing damage" can activate if hit effects, such as Berserker/Reflecting Blood Essence, Attuned Bright Armor's "Tarddian Fury", and aswell fills Reprisal.

This agency you can activate "when hit" furnishings added generally as they activate BOTH if you crop damage, and you accord damage, acknowledgment to Soul Split + Bargain Healing Crystal.

You can aswell allegation Reprisal by healing to accident yourself.

Its acceptable in situations breadth you dont allegation healing but accept Soul Split, so accident 25% of it in barter for an added adventitious of a DPS addition from an "on hit" account maybe account it.