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​RuneScape - Any tips for a abiding player

news Oct-21-2019

​RuneScape - Any tips for a abiding player

Hey all. Sorry if this is advised clutter, but I didn't see annihilation adjoin it in the rules. So actuality we go.

I acclimated to play RuneScape heavily aback afore RS3. Ever aback RS3 and the EoC amend I've played a few canicule actuality and there afore assuredly abandonment for what seems like years.

I just logged aback in bygone and was afflicted with everything. All the new quests, items and whatnot.

My catechism is does anyone accept any accessible tips to a "new" abiding RS veteran? I'd like to just get on and go buy RS gold but I candidly don't apperceive breadth to start. Any advice and advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I'm clumsy to add a pic but my stats are as follows.

Attack 79

Defence 80

Constitution 81

Strength 82

WC 82

Magic 83

Fishing 72

Fletching 72

Slayer 74

Range 76

Construction 77

Prayer 71

Cooking 69

Smithing 67

Herb 65

Crafting 63

Hunting 62

Mining 61

Agility 58

Divination 58

Thieving 57

Farming 48

Dungeoneering 46

Runecrafting 45

Summoning 44

Invention 1

I aswell accept about 330m runescape gold if that helps.