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​RuneScape - Any admonition on abyssal backward bold content

news Apr-08-2019

​RuneScape - Any admonition on abyssal backward bold content

Thanks in beforehand for any advice. Please let me apperceive if any added admonition would be accessible to have.

So I've been arena Runescape for a while, but I afresh accomplished alum academy and acquisition myself with abundant time to in actuality advance in accomplishing end bold activities. With this column I achievement to get some admonition on how to accomplish my goals - which can summed artlessly as accepting fun and adequate the claiming of end bold content. In accession to including my goals, I've aswell included admonition about my stats, gear, and resources. I'm boilerplate the adventure cape, but I've done a lot of of the aloft ones.

With this admonition in duke I'm acquisitive to get admonition on the questions that hunt at the end of post. The overarching catechism could apparently be summed artlessly as: Should I advance time and money in Affray or Ambit for end bold content?

In the end, I intend to do both (and afterwards mage), but I ambition to do one first, yield a breach and just play, afresh do the other.

# Goals

- Proximal Goal - Apprentice a boxy abandoned bang-up like Nex or Rax (I'm abreast in administration up to GWD2).

- Distal Goal - Be an able contributor to accumulation activities. In accurate (but not in order), Nex: AOD, Solak, Aristocratic Dung, Mazcab Raid

- Unknown Goals? - Are there any added affair you would acclaim I alleviate or try? For example, absolute overloads are on my radar. I aswell ambition to do the a lot of advantageous breadth based assignment like Aristocratic Seers for Enhanced Excalibur.

# Stats

Near maxed (including 120 inv) apprehend for:

- 87 Farming/Woodcutting

- 114 Slayer

- 103 Dung (this is the pits am i right?)

# Gear

- Noxious weapons (Melee, Range, Mage)

- Nex Armour (Melee, Range, Mage)

- Lava Capes (Melee, Range, Mage)

- Amulet of souls (Could get reaper)

- Luck of the Dwarves (have DG tokens for Vigor, Asylum is on my to do list, could get Ring of Death)

- Auras: Vampirism, Penance, Berserker/Reckless/Maniacal

- Scrimshaw of Vampirism/Elements/Cruelty/Attack or Illuminated God Book of Chaos (Picked Chaos afore Zaros was a affair and was too adolescent to acknowledge Guthix...RIP)

- I don't acquire any sigils

- No specific boots or gloves, just Nex

- Perks - I'm currently animate on this. For weapons I acquire aftershock 3 and and acid for p4e2. For armor I was cerebration Crackling 3 + Adaptable and Impatient 3 + Devoted 2. (I wasn't because Biting aback Biting 3 is obnoxiously big-ticket and Biting 2 + Venomblood seemed absolute rare, but am blessed to reconsider.)

# Resources

- 800m Cash (Happy to spend)

- TIME! I acquire time to advance in accepting and am aflame to absorb it!

# Specific Questions

- Am I bigger off perking my Nex ambit accessory (maybe switching Nox bow to Ascensions for dps) to apprentice a boxy abandoned bang-up (Nex or Rax)? Alternatively, should I advancement and advantage my affray accessory to akin masterwork and plan on Rax only?

- Does absorption on ambit or affray avert me from any of my distal goals? That is, if I go ranged, will I be in/effective in assertive accumulation bang-up activities? Or, would traveling affray accomplish me abnormally in/effective in accumulation activities?

- Are there any specific accessory upgrades I should consider? I ask because there are some items I just don't assume to apperceive about. For example, it just clicked that there are Extreme inventions potions...after 300+ bootless attempts at p4e2 I abstruse this.

- If a J mod happens to see this thread: What is up with Bolas? I feel like I acclimated to be able to fletch 60 at a time, but was it bargain to 10. If so, this is 6 times worse. Why are you accomplishing this to four humans who fletch bolas?

Again, acknowledgment for any admonition on next steps. I'm aflame to play, RuneScape gold but I do ambition to be acute about it. Also, overlook rock alcohol and bead tables, let's do something about this bolas situation.