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Oct-08-2018 Categories: news

I acclimated to play runescape aback in 2012 afterwards which i absent my computer in an draft if i moved.

Because of accepting gone so continued i absitively to accomplish a new annual and alpha arena afresh although this was difficult because it was way altered than i bethink there tutorial eased the action and helped me acquire simple basics.

After accepting gone so continued i still dont acquire a lot of the mechanics and leveling is in achievement difficult in some areas i was acquisitive reddit could advice me out and maybe advice me abode a brace of my problems.

1. Melee/ranged/magic advance as able-bodied as backbone is ambagious for me at the moment. I can WC for 5 annual and accretion 2-3 levels breadth as i deceit action rats or spiders or even muggers/highway men and accretion a alone affiliated in amateur the time. I dont die, i consistently accomplishment the annihilate but the levelling is just air-conditioned slow, about 11 xp per kill. Am i accomplishing something wrong?

2. I am bouncing amid WC+firemaking and mining+smithing and im not in achievement abiding why but im accepting mining faster than i can accretion smithing even admitting all the accoutrement and tutorials ive apparent actualization an adverse effect. Again, am i accomplishing it qrong or is it just RNG?

3. [Edit: I am absolute affiliated 123 as in all my abilities accumulated the bulk at the basal larboard of the abilities screen] I am affray affiliated 11 and ranged affiliated 5(i dont apperceive what my abracadabra affiliated is i havent acclimated it yet) and just completed The Afterlife of Chivalry quest. This adventitious took me about an hour and a bisected to complete as i died about 4-5 times during it not acumen i could go aback to Varrock and banal up on food. Did i do this adventitious way to aboriginal for it to calibration with my level? I was seeing enemies with over 2000 bloom that i could abandoned dent abroad a tiny bit of bloom at a time.

Any and all advice is abundantly appreciated!