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​RuneScape - An XP Bond

news Oct-09-2019

​RuneScape - An XP Bond

Hopefully this will not get a ton of hate, alone I'd rather jagex abolish MTX all together. However, I anticipate a lot of humans are at atomic somewhat acquire with bonds.

What if you could get an item, that you can acclimatize to a skill, i.e. an XP Backpack of X. If you acquire that annual with you, as you alternation accomplishment X your XP is afresh captured by the annual instead of accepting accustomed to your amateur (perhaps a configurable percentage?). Already the backpack is full, you get a lamp you can sell/buy on the GE.

There would be altered lamps for anniversary skill, you allegation at atomic akin 10 to use a lamp, and there are new lamps every 10 levels up til akin 90. You can't use a lamp until you acquire the minimum akin for it.

A amateur with a college level, can accomplish a lower akin lamp, but not carnality versa. You can acquire to accomplish a bifold xp or an actual payout lamp, lamps with actual payouts would accord 50% beneath xp, but crave the aforementioned bulk of XP to make.

By advantage of accepting able to buy bonds, you could buy XP from your adolescent players. If you don't like MTX, but you are aswell begrimed rich, and you abhorrence a skill, you can still use this system.

So, you're affairs XP, you apperceive absolutely what you're accepting (no gambling), but agnate to bonds, there's a bound supply, and it's based on humans in fact amphitheatre the bold (less abasement of abilities and their work, because anyone still had to do the work).

I apprehend this to accomplish hard/slow abilities added expensive, RuneScape gold and cheaper/faster abilities beneath so, while aswell abundantly acid down on the bulk of XP entering the game.

Jagex makes their money, we add amount aback to 99s and 120s, and stabalize the anytime accretion XP aggrandizement because Jagex has no allurement to advertise added XP or run promotions, they can't, it's amateur driven.

This could aswell add a abundant new way for skillers to accomplish money.