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Dec-04-2018 Categories: news

I've spent the accomplished 5 canicule accomplishing hunter, 79 to now 98.

In my campaign to acquisition 2 pet chins for my farm, I acquire not even managed to acquisition 1!, afterwards 9 or so hours of button hunting this seems a bit absurd. Wiki states its 1/1500.

Other sources say 1/5000.

If it is absolutely 1/1500 or even 1/5000.

My advancement would be that altered chins recieve altered ante e.g the everyman akin button is 1/1500.

Then acquire it upto bright at say 1/200...

1/1500 for an rng pet for agreeable that is 'avaliable' to all players seems ridiculously absurd. Why isnt my farming/hunter akin taken into account, why do college akin chins not acquire a abundant college bead rate?

Similair to yaks accepting 1/3000, these ante accept absurd, because attenuate drops from bang-up mobs are like 1/512, 1/120 (rax hilts) ect, this affectionate of rng seems absolutely over the top, a lot of of these ante are rarer afresh bang-up pets.

So my advancement is. e.g. chins, college akin chins action bigger bead rates.

Lowers acquire a worse one, and maybe agriculture lvl and hunter taken into annual with that..?, feels a little scuffed that at 99 hunter i deceit bolt a 'baby' chinchompa, but i can bolt 15,000 of the adults and authority them in my bag.

Jmod ascribe on why this wouldn't plan would be abundant if needed, contrarily I anticipate this is a change that would absolutely annual something that is meant to be all annular content.

Odds are absolutely absolute low, I bethink them adage they did that on purpose aback as time goes on added humans will get them and brand them and will flood the market.

At which point i acquire to agree, i rather pay anyone a few hundred k(which is nothing, let's be honest) than to sit there for 8-10+ hours accepting two alone pets and a lot of acceptable catastrophe up with two abuse females.

I mean, i absorb canicule agriculture atramentous dragons & QbD to just get my aboriginal pair. And even afresh i concluded up with 3 of the aforementioned gender and RuneScape gold had to advertise one and barter the added because i didn't feel like amphitheatre the allowance bold anymore lol.

Not abiding how it works for Ironman but yeah, seems rough.