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Nov-03-2018 Categories: news

Weapon assortment is a in actuality acceptable abstraction that's continued overdue, but can we aswell allocution about adeptness assortment based on weapon types?

Currently, all affray bifold wield, be it daggers, ls, rapiers, maces, battleaxes, etc, all accept the aforementioned set of abilities.

Same goes for 2h swords, mauls, spears. For ranged, we accept bows, shieldbows, 2h crossbows, axes, darts, javelins, bifold cbows.

For abracadabra we accept staves, books, orbs. The abandoned aberration amid the bifold and 2h are the specific abilities that abandoned plan for bifold and vice-versa, and even then, there are not that many.

What if new sets of abilities were added that were weapon blazon specific, authoritative use of new advance animations, adeptness effects, and akin requirements.

For example, acrimony can accept an adeptness to armor bore (which shares the aforementioned air-conditioned down as quake) that decreases the aegis of whatever you're advancing but aswell adds a baby bleed. Spears can accept an adeptness that amendment spears from the arena for an aoe accident effect.

2h bows can accept an adeptness that rapidly volleys arrows that rain down ambidextrous aoe damage. Bifold crossbows...well they are already able and assorted as it is with b bolts...but something new, yet not abundantly able should be added.

Currently there is abandoned one blazon of 2h abracadabra weapon, which is acutely a staff. There could be new weapon types such as tridents and sceptres that plan as abracadabra weapons with assorted abilities.

With magic, there is already assorted assorted spells and spell books involved, and it is the a lot of acclimated action appearance because of this, but like I said with ranged, something new should still be added to accept assortment amid staves and wands/orbs/books.

These are just account for adeptness assortment that I anticipation of off the top of my head.

This would accord acceptation to accepting altered types of the aforementioned bank weapons. It would aswell approaching affidavit the absolution of added bank 92 weapon types, as we already accept all action styles in-game.

The absolution of t92 daggers, 2h bows, spears, mauls, etc, would account from accepting adeptness diversity. Of course, that would aswell beggarly added switchscape, but this is the barometer for pvm content.

In commendations to absolute abilities, abounding of them (especially several ultimates like frenzy, unload, and pulverize) allegation to be reworked to accept use and be in band with the currently abundant bigger ultimates like berserk.

There are aswell abounding gaps amid the levels that you alleviate abilities that should be filled. The absolute abilities should serve as a baseline for all weapon types, aback they've been in the bold aback eoc was released.

The new weapon specific abilities would add added abysm to accepting altered adeptness confined and accessory for assertive bosses.

Combat would be way added fun if we had this blazon of adeptness diversity, in accession to the weapons themselves accepting specific effects.