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​RuneScape - All Totems locations guide

news Jul-15-2019

​RuneScape - All Totems locations guide

Putting calm a annual of all totem section locations. If you acquisition one of the missing ones amuse let me apperceive so I can add it to the list

Totem of Intimidation: Removes KC claim at GWD1

Top: By the charcoal at the North East of the island

Middle: The Helping Laniaskea Miniquest

Base: Slaying Dinos or Plants (can be off task)

Totem of Navigation: Ports ships appear aback 10% quicker

Top: Bits East of Laniakea on the south east island (slayer cape location)

Middle: 40/60 zygos

Base: From analytic a in actuality cut awkward idol

Totem of Auras: Aura cooldown is 15% shorter

Top: Finding 60/60 Zygomites

Middle: Killing Dinos or Plants (can be off task)

Base: Agility

Totem of Crystal: Elf association 20 min ban bargain to 15 mins

Top: Activity Course

Middle: Bits in charcoal hardly south of Feral Dinosaurs

Base: 200 credibility from Herby Werby

Totem of Treasure: Clues crave one beneath footfall to finish

Top: Big Bold Hunting

Middle: Activity Course

Base: Finding 20/60 zygos

Totem of Abyss: Lets you teleport area it's placed

Top: 200 credibility from Herby Werby

Middle: Big Bold hunting

Base: From the bits in the charcoal by the grenwall abreast chicken salamanders

Totem of Summoning: Familiars endure 10% longer

Top: Activity Course

Middle: Slaying Dinos or Plants (can be off task)

Base: Big Bold Hunting

I'm still out analytic for added so accumulate blockage back.

EDIT: All found! Acknowledgment for the advice people.

Also hardly altered but if you seek the lectern to the east of the lodestone you get 25 chargeless album pages.