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​RuneScape - Advance the superior of Seren Spirits

news Jun-10-2019

​RuneScape - Advance the superior of Seren Spirits

Improve the superior of Seren Alcohol depending on your accomplishment levels. As it currently stands, no bulk what affectionate of acquisition you may be doing, whether it's at akin 99 or any added level.

There's a acceptable adventitious you'll go abounding hours abandoned traveling through uncut precious stones and rock alcohol from seren spirits.

It would be nice if the accolade from them scaled to your accomplishment levels application altered variables, by authoritative Seren Alcohol acquire their own attenuate bead table.

These variables could be based on:

1, The abundance of the boodle (eg: While fishing, if your crafting akin is low, get 1 uncut diamond, while you get 20 of them if your crafting akin is high.) The bulk of 20 is adjustable of advance depending on Jagex's decision.)

2, The superior of the boodle (eg: While fishing, if your crafting akin is low, get 1 uncut diamond, but if your crafting akin is high, you get an uncut dragonstone... an RNG based arrangement actuality could be that there's a adventitious you'll get an uncut onyx, but complete unlikely.)

This Classic is for the boodle you use for crafting, while added abeyant rewards (eg: planks, fish, rock spirits, potions) would depend on your construction, fishing, mining and herblore levels, respectively.

The purpose of this change would be to accolade you for leveling up your abilities and hardly abate the arresting RNG factor, cheap OSRS gold depending on your bold achievements.

Naturally, the altered amounts or how Jagex would adjudge to antithesis the rewards is up to them, but I've accustomed you the basis of the idea.

A mega-rare allowance from them such as the HSR would be absolutely RNG-dependant of course, and not based on the akin of your crafting, even admitting it's a ring.

What do you anticipate of this idea?

Thank You!