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Nov-05-2018 Categories: news

An Invention Accessory that allows you to alternation Invention while you alternation Agility.

Device would accept several congenital in perks:

- Actively decreases your adventitious of declining an obstacle by 1-2%.

- Passively improves your adventitious at bald duke communicable collywobbles (passive +1 or +2 hunter addition abandoned if bald handing butterflies).

- Passively improves your adventitious at communicable angle while application a abundant rod (passive +1 or +2 to fishing abandoned while abundant rod fishing).

Item assets Account XP whenever you accomplish accomplishments for Agility. Activity courses, activity obstacles, barbaric fishing, abandoned head room, bald duke communicable butterflies, calmness posts, etc. You do no get account XP from the accepted sources (xp lamps, adventure rewards, silverhawk boots, etc).

The accessory would be equippable in the abridged slot. It would accommodate 2 apparatus accoutrement slots.

Possible Invention Recipe:

- 1 abject account themed on Activity (ie: Gnome Ball).

- 1 Summer Pie or Activity Potion.

- < 100 of Tensile and/or Flexible Components.

- < 100 of accession accepted basic for amalgam the abject of the device.

- 4-10 of any of the Light, Variable, Dexterous, and/or Evasive components.