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Jan-11-2018 Categories: news

Allow players to go aback to bound adventure areas afterwards completion... Some of the quests I was cerebration about are Demon Slayer, Plague's End, and Dream Mentor—at atomic these are the ones to aboriginal appear to mind.

On my accessory I afresh redid Demon Apache and anticipation the Lair area Delrith was accepting summoned looked cool, but abominably it "collapses" afterwards acquisition him.

Why can't we bright it aback out and go aback there? It would accomplish faculty to attending for added clues. I apperceive Shadow of the Storm is the next adventure with Denath, so what clues?

There's still gotta be propaganda, books, information, something. How did Denath get humans to accompany his band in the aboriginal abode to arouse a demon? And yet afresh in SotS.

And on top of that, why can't we go aback underground area we got the Silverlight? If Gideon Bede couldn't canyon the analysis afresh how is he able to authority assimilate the brand still? Shouldn't the "brave souls"/previous owners/Spirits be adjoin him having it?

He may not be application it, but the simple actuality HE LOST A DEMONOLOGY TOME IN THE FIRST PLACE should ban him from anytime wielding, let abandoned hold, the Silverlight. I apperceive he abandoned has it if we lose it, but candidly why can't it just go aback to the rock?

After Death of Chivalry you get Owen's shield, but if you abort that you don't get it aback from Saradomin or any added NPC—you acquisition it on the arena area you originally were handed it. Why? That makes no sense, if annihilation it would make added faculty for Saradomin to accept it if you lose it.

I haven't adapted Plague's End and I haven't affected it aback it came out, so I don't bethink the acumen to not go aback in the Grand Library, but if it's collapse—why can't we just bright it out? It's a Grand Library, shouldn't we, as World Guardians, wish to apperceive more? Why wouldn't we try and go back? The abandoned bulletin is the amateur cerebration they can't get aback in.

Dream Mentor makes an ounce of faculty out of these three quests. But even then, it's a dream, why can't we acknowledgment via a bed or addition potion? It'll add a purpose to the beds! Heck, I apparent a botheration for repeating quests from a lore-standpoint (like, why are you aggravating to regrow Prif if you've already regrown it) artlessly by "sleeping" and absent of what you already did. At atomic you can say what you do in it is a dream, RuneScape Gold even admitting you'd still be in a apple abounding of other players.

TL;DR It makes no faculty why we can't go aback to assertive areas while added areas are still accomplished to go aback to. Why not acquiesce all adventure places to be accessible again? A appropriate archetype is area you access the Silverlight, you can't go aback down to the "crypt" afterwards finishing the adventure even admitting there's no acceptable acumen to block it.