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Sep-10-2018 Categories: news

Currently the accomplished akin apparatus in Runescape abide of t92 ability armour, t90 powerarmour, t88 powerarmour and t80 accessory on lvl 20. It's cool that t92 tecto costs 400m RuneScape gold. Alltho because the assets of 13m an hour @ leash vorago. That is a amount that not even the top Pvmer's are accommodating to pay.

At some point you are just alive to sustain your gear, rather than agriculture money to buy annihilation else. There is alot of players accomplishing top lvl content, rather absent to use t80 accessory over t88/t90/t92 due to the batty costs.

Suggestion: Change the droprate for draconic energies. Basicly to get any draconic energies, you are declared to go and do a abandoned run of ed2. If allowance the alcove with 2 added friends, you don't accomplish abundant energies to bead the amount of t92 armour or accomplish them applicable at all.

So instead accomplish it, so you get alone added energies if traveling in a accumulation of 3 instead of solo. There are way added humans searching to do accumulation content, than solo. You are black players from traveling with friends, because abandoned ED2/1 is added profitable. It is the aforementioned botheration for Vorago, generally times there is alot of players absent to do Vorago in a accumulation of 3.

Therefore if there was a fourth being absent to join, they wouldn't be accustomed due to the accident in money that one would make. There is an simple fix to the issue, as to area if you accompany added people, they would acquire added energies, instead of the max 10 energies that are alone anniversary kill.

The acceptable players will generally go duo or trio, because why would you wish to yield noobs with you, if you would lose out on money that way. Currently the amount of accustomed t90 tecto is way to cher aswell. Noone wants to pay 120m ~ for a full set of t90 tecto, that has been in the bold for over 5 years. It's time to bead the amount and amount of t90/t92 apparatus to something that is afordable.

Final advancement for ED1/2:

In leash approach aforementioned energies as in solo, aforementioned for duo (encouraging accumulation bossing)

Suggestion for Vorago:

Don't cap the energies acquired from vorago to 10 energies, but rather accord every amateur a boodle interface. With the achievability for anniversary amateur to access energies, for accommodating (raids). But accomplish abiding to cap it at 5, 6 or 7 players.

With bifold the energies comming into the bold and an advance to advise the bang-up to added players anybody is traveling to be happier. (possibly a benefit for the humans demography roles[higher adventures chance],[extra $])?