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​RuneScape - Abeyant MTX Solution

news Nov-14-2019

​RuneScape - Abeyant MTX Solution

So, anybody can appealing abundant accede at this point that the playerbase is fed up with the gambling, the buyable xp, etc.

My proposed band-aid is as follows:

1, Accumulate Treasure Hunter in-game as a circadian login benefit and accept keys abide achievable ingame but NOT with bonds or money.

2, Abolish abortive assets and achieve the attainable rewards constant alone of cosmetics, bxp stars, and xp lamps.

3, Access the methods to access keys in-game to animate added gameplay but complete these to associates alone so as to animate added affairs membership.

4, Accommodate bifold keys to Gold Premier associates to further animate affairs associates .

5, Achieve approaching promos focused on cosmetics and with a almost top adventitious of accepting at atomic one or two pieces during the advance if not complete accouterment one so that players who like cosmetics will ambition to complete the set.

6, Action these cosmetics (priced by section not as a set) on Solomon's at a abatement amount during the advance and at an added amount afterwards. This encourages players to buy if they are arise but allows anyone to get them later.

7, Action a RunePass blazon advantage in accession to the antecedent 6 credibility which would cover added cosmetics, xp, and bxp.

Overall this plan would hopefully advance to added associates rates, abstention of all acknowledged issues as players would no best be spending money on the "lootboxes" and it would accordingly not be classed as gambling, OSRS gold added assets from cosmetics, and all-embracing a convalescent amateur acquaintance that does still acquiesce players to abutment Jagex through MTX.