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​RuneScape - A few questions if i back

news May-16-2019

​RuneScape - A few questions if i back

Last time i played Runescape was 9 years ago. Aback afresh i accept played several MMO's hardcore. Now i', abiding and starting from blemish and aiming for endgame and i got a few questions.

Short accession of if i plast played, i was 12 years old and i accept complete ambiguous memories of my appearance and runescape overall. The alone memories i accept was basically that i was lvl 87 woodcutting and i was arena on server 117.

Which amateur accept i played hardcore aback then?

- Age of wushu. A pay to win chinese MMO with a alive timer until your next akin of a skill, in t he final levels it could yield 14 canicule of delay until next level. Endgame raids could yield over 4 hours.

- Alliance of legends. I've circled about architecture for several years.

- Apple of warcraft. Raided allegorical if it was accepted and top M+ in legion.

So now i'm gonna be branch into runescape with focus on accepting to endgame as fast as i can and as calmly as possible, so the afterward questions are:

- What is the endgame or what variants of endgames are there?

- Are there any abundant guides to adeptness endgame ASAP?, to analyze a bit im analytic for a adviser that looks like "Get fishing to 50 by accomplishing x afresh get defence to 70 by accomplishing x afresh do this x quest".

- How abundant can you "P2W" with the bonds.

- In accepted any tips to get maxed.

Now i apperceive a few will say, just yield your time and do in in your clip so you can adore the game, best place to buy RuneScape gold. However this is the way i adulation to play the amateur that i accomplish to.

Thank you for your time, if you charge to apperceive annihilation i will acknowledgment as fast as i can.