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Nov-06-2018 Categories: news

I afresh got to breadth I'm assured abundant to action Araxxor a few times circadian behindhand of aisle setup. It's been a lot of fun, but I've aswell noticed a few things that I anticipate are annual searching into.

# On acerbic path, why doesn't the absolute access aggregate acid?

Cleave, firebombs, exploding minion. To accord with any of these mechanics you about accept to move down the access hardly which stops the acerbic from accession even through the bang-up is still on it. Why?

# On aphotic path, the bombs should be timed to anticipate abeyance by Araxxor charging.

I'm continuing on the eggs, the firebomb abandoned 2 abnormal from alarming them up, and afresh I get teleported for the allegation advance and it fails to backfire the eggs. Why isn't it timed to anticipate this from happening?

# Spider minions on p3 should chase a anticipated breeding pattern, not be abased on RNG.

Whenever I run acerbic or aphotic aisle while minions are alive It's already bad abundant that I allegation to accord with them, but it's even worse if Araxxor keeps appliance added appropriate attacks instead of breeding minions. I'd

like to be able to yield affliction of them afore p4, but It's not fun at all if I accept to stop advancing the bang-up and just angle about cat-and-mouse for the spawns because of bad RNG.

# The accident reflect from the web absorber shouldn't alpha until a few ticks afterwards the action begins.

Right now the accident reflect is instantaneous, starting the absolute moment the action starts. This gives no allowance to anon respond, even with attacks you acclimated afore the web absorber started accepting reflected aback at you.

# Exempt the aftershock and crackling allowances from absorption damage.

It doesn't assume appropriate that something that is difficult to ascendancy can get reflected aback harder at you.