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​RuneScape - A brace of questions about the Queen Black Dragon

news Jan-04-2019

​RuneScape - A brace of questions about the Queen Black Dragon

Hey guys, I'm on a claimed ambition of accepting 5,000 Queen Black Dragon kills. (Currently 1,530/5,000) but I accept a brace of things that I've been apprehensive about abandoned that I was a little confused/wondered about RS gold and some being that could potentially acceleration up my annihilate time a little bit. (Can't get accomplished 1 minute 25 seconds, currently) So, if any of you are acclimatized Queen Black Dragon Killers and could afford some ablaze on these questions, I'd be delighted.

1, If The Queen is siphoning Activity from her Minions, does this beggarly that she would of contrarily summoned added minions if there weren't any present?

2, Currently, I'm application a Steel Titan as a capital familiar, however, I apprehend that the Nihil Familiars are in fact acceptable to use for bossing, would it be a acceptable abstraction to about-face out my Steel Titan for a Nihil for added accident per additional overall, for anniversary kill?

3, Is Bladed Dive useful? I'm currently bisected way from unlocking it and it seems like that it'd be advantageous for accepting to the additional and endure Artifacts, whilst I use Surge to get to the additional and third Artifacts.

4, Would it be a acceptable abstraction to accompany a absorber to resonance the Minion spiral-attack accident affair be they hit me, if I try to get the advance to annihilate them instead?

Here is my accent and setup.

The appearance I'm application is Range.

Helm: Pernix Cowel

Scrim: Sup. Scrimshaw of Ranging

Aura: Supreme Sharpshooter

Cape: Atone Cape

Neck: Farsight Blood Necklace

Arrows: Tirannwn convulsion 4 (Dragonbane Arrows)

Weapon: Nox. Continued Bow (Aftershock 3, Precise 5)

Body: Pernix Body (Crackling 3, Dragon Slayer)

Legs: Pernix Legs (Impatient 3, Added Adherent 3)

Gloves: Cinerbane Gloves

Boots: Pernix Boots

Ring: Luck of the Dwarves

Inventory is simple:

2 Approved Overload Potions

2 Approved Cool Antifire Potions

5 Approved Prayer Potions

X Bulk of Steel of legends scrolls.

Thanks guys!