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​RuneScape - A band-aid to the adumbration v Virtus problem

news Nov-16-2019

​RuneScape - A band-aid to the adumbration v Virtus problem

It's absolutely simple really, amend approved Virtus with the bigger archetypal and re-color it to analyze it from the adumbration version.

I'd even be accept with Jagex abacus adumbration versions of Torva and Pernix as continued as the abject adaptation was graphically adapted as able-bodied ( RuneScape gold although Id adopt if the adumbration versions were absolutely corrective overrides ).

The assets accept already been created and a re-color wouldn't yield abundant in the way of resources.


Jagex shouldn't be putting adapted (graphical) agreeable abaft paywalls. Period.

MXT should be separate.

MXT should NEVER yield abroad from the game.

As an act of acceptable faith, and a band-aid to this problem:

- Release the graphical rework as accustomed content

- Compensate players that already accept the adapted agreeable in a way you account balanced.

- Sell the old models as an override via Soloman's

- Moving forward, carefully alone beforehand altered cosmetics for MXT.

Need new some account Jagex? There are a shitload of apparel acclimated be adventure NPCs that could be acclimated for promo cosmetics, or bigger yet, Soloman's abundance outfits.

Also while I'm on this alternation of thought, customisation of our babble active could be awfully improved. There are so abounding altered babble active acclimated for all the NPCs aloft Runescape.

Many of them are absolutely abundant and attending absolutely great. Meanwhile basically every amateur shares the above facial features. That's appealing arid by my books.