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​RuneScape - A appealing accidental suggestion

news Nov-20-2019

​RuneScape - A appealing accidental suggestion

Add the adeptness for us to agglutinate a Top bank luck ring to a Top akin action ring, or add a new BIS ring apart from questing.

This is a appealing accidental advancement in the bosom of all the posts about MTX and stuff, but could we amuse get the adeptness to agglutinate the top bank luck rings with the top akin Action rings?

- It wouldn't change the stats on the Rings themselves, but it'd accord that action ring the luck benefit Luck of the Dwarves has.

- This would be cool accessible as it'd abolish the charge to about-face amid assorted rings if accomplishing top akin pvm or switching to a luck ring afore you boodle administration like Araxxi, QBD, and any added bang-up with a annexation mechanic.

- It could aswell be a LOTD sink.

- Hell, maybe accord us the adeptness to agglutinate the Asylum Surgeon's Ring, Ring of Death, Sixth Age Circuit, and Ring of Vigour calm into a "Signet of the World Guardian. A Hero Ring that requires all quests completed.

- The Signet could accept the stats of the Ring of Death and accept all of the action allowances the alloyed rings provide, including teleports.

- Accomplish the Signet able to be alloyed with LOTD or HSR to accomplish a "Fortunate Signet of the World Guardian" or "Hazelmere's Signet of the World Guardian" that adds the luck benefits, abilities, and teleports of the sacrificed luck ring.

- The accession of the Signet would aswell add a bit added allurement for players to do all of the quests.