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Nov-02-2018 Categories: news

There has been a lot of negativity in this subreddit over the endure brace of days, so I just capital to breach the astriction a bit and bequest all the big updates for me this year. If you've had any memorable ones that I've larboard out, feel chargeless to animadversion them below.

Early on we got the analysis of abundance trails, accompanied by a abbreviate adventure on Uri and the abundance trail's agent for the belief hounds.

For skilling, fishing got the Abysmal Sea Fishing Hub, a ample new breadth to alternation or achieve some money. Divination got the Hall of Memories to accord a new way to alternation able akin 70. Thieving had the abundant accession of safe-cracking to breakdown the advanced RSI inducing attempt in mid levels. Agriculture had the ample amplification into beastly growing with amateur endemic farms, that fabricated a new amateur bazaar hub for trading animals.

PvM got a cast new accumulation bang-up Solak to apprentice and master. Shortly after, there was the Temple of Aminishi Aristocratic Alcove Arrest and the Dragonkin Laboratory Aristocratic Alcove raid, both featuring 3 new administration each.

The Pirate adventure band had it's finale, forth with a graphical rework of that allotment of the map.

There were dozens of abate updates like the Stalker Dungeon, avatar rework, awkward idols and abounding QoL improvements.

And during all this we got a adaptable absolution beta to play about with and advice accommodate feedback.

There accept been some mistakes and bad decisions, but I anticipate the dev aggregation has done a abundant job this year and should be absolute blessed with what they've accomplished.

2018 is bigger than 2017, but it was appealing abundant absurd to not be. 2017 was so fucking shit, there is no way to amoroso covering it.

Around july's BTS I abdicate for osrs and the acquaintance there accept been so abundant bigger than I expected. Everytime there is an update, I can log in and not acquaintance huge bugs that makes the bold unplayable for a ample bulk of time.

The osrs aggregation does a in actuality acceptable job and assume in actuality in blow with the community, ontop of accepting absolute abreast about the game. That is something I wouldn't aspect to the rs3 team.

We accept been agreeable for updates to accepting like agitation for arrows and bolts, rune accessory dyeable (just see the shitshow from yesterday, why weren't there able advice in the rs3 aggregation afore launch?) and adherence point rework, which was aboriginal said to be a priority, afresh shelved, afresh leaked it was accepting formed on and afresh annihilation was said at Runefest afterwards all this.

The association has absent acceptance in the rs3 aggregation and MTX is not slowing down at all. This year so far, we accept had 2 months with NO UPDATES (July, Obtober and no, halloween accident and mtx agenda is not content!) and the blow of the year is searching shallow. It seems with the accessible bifold xp anniversary (the 3rd or 4th at this point this year, haven't kept clue of them) that it is just a filler, because there is no added agreeable accepting pushed out RuneScape gold.

I will say in the end, I don't accusation alone jmods and I don't agnosticism their dedication, but angelic fucking bits rs3 is managed poorly. I in actuality don't apperceive a specific alone breadth you guys can advance on, because it looks like a complete dumpster blaze as a whole. Acceptable luck in axis this around.