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​RuneScape - 120 skills: synergy

news Oct-14-2019

​RuneScape - 120 skills: synergy

With the advertisement of 120 agriculture and 120 herblore, I accept a altercation as to the approaching synergy of 120 abilities is in order.

Clearly 120 abilities will acceptable be formed out in full, as time goes on at this point. It is my acceptance that 120 abilities should accept accessory allowances with added 99-120 skills. Providing allowances beyond the accustomed accomplishment allowances begin from 99-120.

Obviously agriculture and herblore accept a accustomed tie to one another. Gathering, and production. My catechism to you all is, are there added abilities that you would like to accept accessory allowances through the akin 99-120 tier?

I.E.- I would like to see added account to a accomplishment such as cooking, amid 99-120. Instead of artlessly abacus accession account to the aggregate of bloom restored, what if aliment provided a acting carbon advocacy benefits?

Utilizing 120 bank herbs and agriculture aftermath to actualize condiment (for abridgement of a bigger term) to administer to aliment that accord them acting account (perhaps additionally with a aggregate to healing capacity?)

Such as, adrenaline apology for a few seconds, added armor, artifice or accident absorption/mitigation. Conceivably a alleviate over time food, buy RS gold or one that is absorbed with the adeptness for a individual casting of a abracadabra spell. (Just a few quick ideas).

My anticipation is that instead of application aliment absolutely reactively to demography damage, we could use it proactively and in a added agreeable manner. This could aswell abetment in the conception of added agreeable top end action mechanics.

Again this was just an archetype of what I accept a accolade to accepting the 99-120 accomplishment bracket beyond assorted abilities could accolade in a added agreeable an accessory manner.

I would be absolute absorbed to apprehend if anyone abroad had agnate account about 120 accomplishment synergy?