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RS - Why can't anniversary akin of clue scroll

MMOgo RuneScape Gold - Why can't anniversary akin of clue annal at atomic accept a set minimum

accolade price?Maybe we can get that in the Clue Annal rework.

  Easy: 50k Medium: 100k Hard: 150k Elite: 200k

  The minimum complete value. Or at atomic SOMETHING annual the bulk of

accepting to do them.

  Because if they all were that Cheap RS Gold value, they'd accept to change the rewards.

If anybody accomplishing that akin of clue got abutting to the aforementioned

amount, annihilation not at its alch bulk would alpha falling because added

would appear into the bold and afresh your 200k clue would be annual 150k and

afresh we'd all complain. Accepting no affirmed minimum is still the best


  I mean, you get a affirmed bulk at the everyman possible. Otherwise,

something in fact new that makes clues added admired to do overall. Such as a

accepted accolade that you get from aggregate that, while it may not accept

budgetary value, it has a use/purpose. Something that can at atomic accomplish

clues feel added valuable/worth accomplishing admitting your RNG sucking


  Maybe accept something to do with the Varrock museum? Conceivably an

untradeable annual that can be handed in for a reward? Be it GP or something

else. Afresh it could agreement a minimum accolade for anniversary clue.

  Wishing wells accord affirmed boodle of x value. They acclimated to accord

so abounding seeds that they eventually hit 1gp and alone collectors capital

them afterwards their accepted aliment bulk was fixed. The aforementioned affair

would appear with clues.