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Feb-06-2018 Categories: news

Mark Levin brought up a good point last night. A kind of confused me at first because I knew he didn't believe the whole Russia thing but it was a lesson and how to combate the always Russia crowd.

Trump wasn't even in office when The supposed hacking was going on. We should be pushing the who was in charge narrative.

Whose job was it to make sure that ineligible voters weren't voting? Whose job was it to make sure that the polling stations couldn't be hacked? Whose job was it to make sure that Russian Bots weren't flooding the internet with fake news?

They need to Step outside of their own belief set, and look at the people who voted for Trump. Those people are not changing sides anytime soon, and don't listen to the narrative that the left is being fed by the rs gold. Seeing the post election results, stock market at all time highs, unemployment rate hitting lowest numbers in 16 years, why does everyone think he would somehow lose all of a sudden?

I am all for the democrats to put a strong candidate up for office, and would love to see some epic debates and both parties on their toes to make America better, but I still feel like the left is in some kind of Denial. There is no democratic resurgence....

The Democratic parties grand total: a net loss of 1,042 state and federal Democratic posts, including congressional and state legislative seats, governorships and the presidency.

The House has passed both a Healthcare Reform and while they were watching Comey squeal and call himself a coward, the House passed a Dodd Frank and Pocahontas' CFPB repeal. Both of these will begin serious debates in the Senate, but serious changes are getting done, that is all of the presidents promises to the people he voted for, are being completed.

Next week we have infrastructure bill, which includes his greatest promise, the Wall. It can't get better than this for Trump supporters.

That's why they virtue signal and act all holier-than-thou. For instance, Al Gore's continuous screeching about climate change, while he owns a palatial home with no alternative energy sources whatsoever.

I was in a certain redacted thread and actually got gold for a pretty well rounded post discussing how devastating the Russian hacking was on the Clinton Campaign. I'm going to repost what I said here because I think you'll like it rs gold.

My question is, How did the Clinton campaign not notice that the Russians gained access to Hillary's day planner and deleted all of her scheduled visits to Michigan or Wisconsin?