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Dec-16-2016 Categories: news

I aboriginal spotted this man comatose abaft a grave in akin 1 wilderness.

He was skulled so his attempts to ambuscade were futile. I appropriate bang him

and it turns out he's akin 54(?!). His accessory is an aggrandized AGS and tiger

bluff so that he blends in. Cute, I thought, and absitively to not hop and see

what came about RuneScape Gold Buy.

  Turns out he's in bequest approach and tries to advance me. I didn't billow

abroad from him but he couldn't bolt me up. I anticipation this was amusing as

he was 1 footfall abroad from me the accomplished time until I got to the

zamorak mage.

  Next run, he's by the copse cat-and-mouse for me so that he can blueprint

me out. He does, twice, but I res the aboriginal one and the additional one hits

3-4k. Not bad I anticipation and would exercise a little added attention from

actuality on out. 'Please' he says as I tele out again.

  'Please die' went on for a few added runs as he is atrocious for my aroused

skull speccing every added run or so. Eventually I chock-full at the canal to

accept a little babble with him. He's akin 54 with 75 advance and about 80 but

his specs and accustomed attacks are absolutely high. Turns out he has

overloads. He lets it be accepted he's alone 15 hp(how? idk) and begs that I not

retaliate. I say I can't and that he can advance me because of my skull but I

can't advance him. Well, that's not the case and he reveals I can retaliate on

him afterwards he strikes the aboriginal hit. So I footfall into akin 1

wilderness, let him advance me and afresh I barge him. I run abroad and he's

boilerplate to be seen, abashed with the stun.

  Again, we babble by the canal and he's baffled by what just happened. He's

eaten up and this time he's on EoC approach and uses anticipate. Learning, nice.

Afresh he specs me out alert but fails to annihilate me and at this point he's

stressed, 'ffs' and 'fuck you' is what is advancing out.

  He banks now. Has he accustomed up? The acknowledgment is no, he's alone

affairs out...a dragon spear!!! Oldschool's #1 rag weapon with its 4 amaze

specs. Bet he thinks his plan is flawless. Amaze me with the extra afresh

accomplishment with ags specs. I cantankerous the canal and use anticipate. He

specs me with extra but his stuns doesn't land. 'wtf' is the cry as I'm

connected gone. Next run he asks how I wasn't stunned. He didn't realise that I

too can use anticipate. Addition plan foiled.

  1 active is his next plan. He does one abracadabra advance followed by an

ags attack. These attacks don't assemblage nor does it plan any better. What is

he gonna try now?

  2 ags specs. What he knows and trusts. I let him acreage the aboriginal hit

which gets me to about 6k hp. Gotta accord him something right? No, I res the

additional hit and I'm abounding hp. 'Stop cheating mate' is the verdict.

  This goes on for a few added runs afore calling it a day. 'Fuck you mate'

he says at the coffer while getting absolutely defeated. He should be beholden I

didn't annihilate him for his (augmented!!) ags. It didn't activity to me use

avengement during his specs but I absolutely should've done.

  Thwarting him was a lot of fun but I'm 99 runecrafting now and will not get

the achievement of accomplishing it again. Well, unless I adjudge to go for pet.

AgsUpUrAss as he was so appropriately called was a accurate warrior of the

wilderness. Never gave up and I'm abiding he's still out there speccing bodies

out. Best of luck mate.